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Restore Your Body’s Balance:

Discover how traditional Chinese medicine and Tui Na Chinese massage can help your body restore its balance

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Tui Na Massage

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Practised for more than 2,500 years, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) uses ancient techniques developed by health experts in China.

According to the philosophy of Taoism from which TCM bases its foundations, diseases are thought to be the end products of imbalances in the flow of circulation, oxygen, and energy in your body.

The trauma experienced from a sprained ankle can be used as an acute example or disease processes such as respiratory infections where the functions of lung bronchioles are impeded.

In addition to treating the symptoms of your ailments, TCM aims to address its original cause. Balance can be restored to your body by accelerating the commencement of healing through the proper correction of different imbalances found throughout your body.

Our traditional Chinese medicine expert can answer all of your questions regarding this and can discuss all the different aspects of TCM with you in greater detail upon your request.

The different cornerstones of traditional Chinese medicine include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Remedial massage (Tui Na)
  • Restorative physical exercises
  • Internal nourishment of herbal and nutritional therapy
  • Meditation
  • Lifestyle improvements

Today, various scientific researches are trying to mirror the results achieved from this traditional healing practice. 

Tui Na - Chinese Massage

The traditional Chinese massage of Tui Na includes treatment of your soft tissue and alignment of your skeletal system. In various ways, Tui Na massage can be comparable to remedial massage. But, this traditional Chinese approach also integrates the management of your body’s channel pathways to address both internal diseases as well as external injuries.

This traditional Chinese massage technique utilises rhythmic compression methods that can be performed through your clothing. This may also include the application of medicated liniments and oils directly to your skin. Depending on your specific condition, cupping and/or acupuncture may be combined with your treatments as deemed necessary by our Tui Na massage expert.

Your body can be restored its correct state of balance through the relief of muscular tension as well as the promotion of better circulation all throughout your body’s different systems. As part of your health goal plans and long-term management, occupational and postural habits and exercises can be advised as needed depending on your specific conditions.

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