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Not everyone has the same reason for hair loss. It occurs for many purposes, sometimes progressively, and it would be best to seek counselling and early care.

Hair Loss Specialists for Men & Women

Hair Loss Treatment

The loss of hair is often going to affect our lives if we foresee it least. For several, it can be painful and damaging to our self-esteem to encounter it. We usually check the condition silently and do not want to voice our fears. 

Hair loss may contribute to a number of psychological and emotional disorders, such as depression, anxiety, social abolition, and chronic stress. Studies indicate that people with hair loss frequently believe like they lose control.

The physical pain triggered by losing your hair will be recognised as legitimate. It will be complied with and not ignored by others. Hair loss can have a significant effect on our own perspective and on our perception of others.

There are numerous different reasons for hair loss so we have to assess each case separately.

Step 1. A private appointment of 15 minutes is the first and sometimes tougher move. We will give you an overview of your concerns and explain what information is necessary for a consultation. Previous blood tests, medical history, medicines, and schedules might be included. 

Step 2. We can then arrange a confidential consultation if you want to proceed. This can be in your company or in your home's comfort.

Step 3. We take microscopic pictures from pre-determined regions of the scalp during the examination to identify the issues better. We will review the details and address the position’s background.

Step 4 . This will then identify the problem and provide some solutions or behavior. More details may likely be needed.

Step 5. We then create a cost-effective solution and care program to fulfill the specifications. 

Hair Loss on Men 

Losing your hair doesn’t mean that you will go bald, this is understandable to most men due to high statistics and risks with age. It may be a nightmare for you to go bald and it can be very stressful to figure out what can be done and to achieve this. Many individuals will use masks and other strategies for social evasion. Progress and avoidance are essential to finding expert help at an early stage. 

Male pattern baldness is the most widespread or understood cause of hair loss in people. This is often followed, like other diseases, by other often obvious symptoms in the same period. It is now known that it is often a multifactorial source.

Hair Loss on Women 

The hair of women is often considered as the crowning glory. Appearance, elegance, and confidence are manifestations of this. However, more women struggle than the average “bad hair day”, which can have a crippling and unmeasurable impact on self-esteem and health. Hair loss is very hard for most people. Proactivity is by far the best way to control the situation. 

Disease, nutritional deficiencies, genetics or aging may be the result of hair loss. Hormones play a major part in women and imbalances and can contribute to all sorts of issues. 

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