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Crystal Bed Healing with Emma Bellamy offers Crystal Bed Therapy from the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola in Brasil. If you are in need of healing, call Emma to chat about how she can help you.

About Crystal Bed Healing


Crystal Bed Therapy is a specialty treatment that acknowledges the WHOLE person emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The movement of energy from one thing to another needs a conduit, put simply, the crystals allow us to do this with light energy in its most perfect form. Quartz is very hard on the Mohrs scale and is able to hold a frequency of light in its perfect state. For this reason it is used in many electrical applicatiosn but here we are using it for healing. 


About Your Healer – Emma Bellamy

My journey with the Crystal Bed began following an epiphany I experienced while gazing at a Jacaranda in bloom, suddenly aware that Mother Earth is the 'computer' and our bodies are the 'software'. I realised that our bodies are incredibly created, highly sensitive tools which are designed to interface with the natural world. 

I was inspired to pore over scientific journals, read scholarly articles and devoured book after book – I had grown up around the vibrance of nature but I had developed a decidedly 'scientific' approach to life and my impulse was to relearn the ‘natural’ realms via that very pragmatic prism.

Also at this time, I began to feel and hear energy – I could hear electrical appliances and wifi routers. I grew unable to hold mobile phones due to their electromagnetic field, which was so strong that it hurt me. These situations were new and dramatic and drove me mad until, I also realised I could feel ‘good’ energy, which is generated when we pray and meditate.  

Love/God/the Universe was on my side on this journey - as it is on everyone's - and my research proved to me that all the magic I had lost from childhood is in fact real.

I love my new life and I hope to share it with you - I can't wait to meet you and to help you in any way I can. 



For more information about Crystal Bed Therapy or to book, call or click on one of the buttons below to instantly message me so we can begin a magical journey together. 


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Clear Quartz is referred to as the Master Stone because it is believed to be the most versatile, multipurpose healing stone. The ancients believed the stones were alive and breathing and that clear quartz were the incarnations of the divine - a spiritual library waiting to be accessed. The piezo- and pyro-effect are known electromagnetic properties of Quartz, which assists us to move energy on and off the body... This most precious gift from Nature can be used to help us and to heal us... It is totally real and completely magical! Come and try today! 

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