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Tamara Herman

21B Caliban Way
Coolbellup WA 6163

Servicing area: Bull Creek, Leeming, Riverton, Rossmoyne, Willetton, WA

Harmony Health Natural Therapies Clinic
Tamara has studied and practiced Natural Medicine for the past 25 years. Her clinic combines the lastest in energy medicine (SCIO technology) with homotoxicology to give fast reliable results even in the most difficult cases.

About Tamara

  • BioEnergetic Medicine
  • SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation System)
  • QXCI (Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface)
  • Homoeopathy/Homotoxicology
  • Biomesotherapy - Pain Management

The cutting edge of energy medicine...

The SCIO/QXCI is a high-tech complimentary health device which finds and corrects energetic imbalances and health issues within humans and animals. Similar to a virus-scanner on your computer, the SCIO/QXCI scans your body to find points of stress and then balances them. It is non-invasive and extremely relaxing.

These stressors include:

  • Viruses
  • Nutritional deficiencies (including minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids)
  • Toxicities such as parasite infestation, worms, fungal infections (including Candida), and miasms
  • The physical body (including the organs, muscles, nerves, glands and blood)
  • Sports injuries
  • Brain wave patterns
  • Emotional blockages
  • Mental stress
  • and much, much more

After testing through its matrix of over 10,000 substances, the SCIO/QXCI feeds back its own frequencies to neutralize destructive energetic wave patterns. Not only can we see the current health issues clearly, but can also trace elements from the past that may still be having a huge impact on your system.

Here are some of the areas that would be balanced in a SCIO/QXCI consultation:

  • Electro-acupuncture
  • Biofeedback
  • Detoxification
  • Spinal, dental foci and TMJ
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Nutritional balancing
  • Stress Reduction
  • Homoeopathy/Homotoxicology
  • Flower Essences
  • Colour and Crystal therapies
  • Chakra Balancing and Biorhythms
  • Hormones

No matter how complex your health issues are, quick and comprehensive balancing can be given. As the SCIO/QXCI interfaces with your body without practitioner intervention, guessing about the correct remedies to use is a thing of the past. We can check the effectiveness of any remedy/medication to see how body responds to it...making it truly individualized.

1 hour consultation cost is $125.00
30 min consultation is $80.00

Contact Harmony Health Natural Therapies Clinic on
0408 924 244 for more information about a SCIO/QXCI treatment or to make an appointment with Tamara.

DISCLAIMER: The SCIO system is to be used as a Biofeedback Multimedia System. It is designed for stress detection and stress reduction. The device does not diagnose or treat. Only a Licensed Practitioner can diagnose a patient. For the diagnosis or treatment of any disease please contact a licensed physician. No claims are made of the system or of its results.


Homoeopathy is a system that looks not only at your physical symptoms but at your mental and emotional symptoms as well. It brings together all aspects of your state of health, matching an individualized remedy to you.

Homotoxicology was developed by Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg in 1952 and combined classical homoeopathy with modern medical science. This ground breaking modality traces the breakdown in the extracellular matrix, resulting in regulatory dysfunction. As the body moves from a state of wellness to being more and more toxic, the ability of the system to normalise itself falters. As the nervous, hormonal and humoral systems are affected, we see progressive destruction in the system.

The six-phase table illustrates this progression, and gives us clues as to which level of toxicity your body is dealing with. Divided into 3 main areas, the humoral phase indicates that the defense mechanism is intact and that your body can still react to a toxin in an appropriate way (vomiting, diarrhoea etc). As your system moves into the matrix phase, we see that your body is overworked and toxins are deposited inside the matrix, eventually ending up in the connective tissue causing structural and functional changes. Finally as the cell systems are increasingly destroyed, the body is no longer able to defend itself appropriately we see destruction of large groups of cells and/or organs beginning to occur - the final result being malignancies.

With this clear approach to defining which level of the six-phase table you may be in, homoeopathic preparations are employed in combination form i.e., many remedies are combined in various potencies within one bottle.

But enough of the technical stuff...what does this mean to you?

It means that more emphasis is placed on restoring the body at the cellular level - after all, that's where all the damage is occurring.

Contact Harmony Health Natural Therapies Clinic on
0408 924 244 for more information about a Homoeopathy or Homotoxicology treatment or to make an appointment with Tamara.


Biomesotherapy (BMT) is a new type of therapy consisting of the use of homeopathic products and the stimulation of specific points of the body with a saline solution via injection. The injections are given subcutaneously i.e., under the skin and are practically painless. Certain points such as Acupuncture and trigger points are used along with specific local pain points. Biomesotherapy is similar to Homeosinatry (Acupuncture combined with Homeopathy) and Nueraltherapy in its application, however the difference lies in medicine injection points and depth of application, and medicines used.

Biomesotherapy stimulates what is known as the cutivisceral response. Oral homeopathic medicines are given simultaneously which focus on the organ or tissue requiring treatment. Upon application BMT stimulates your own bodys healing mechanisms speeding up the process of injury recovery and repair. It is very effective for PAIN MANAGEMENT and has been shown to be comparable to cortisone therapy without the added side affects.

Biomesotherapy can complement chiropractic, physical and sports injury therapies or may be used on its own depending on the type of condition. It may be used to treat various sports injuries, muscular pain, arthritis, chronic pain, lower back pain, neck pain and other types of acute or chronic injuries. It is especially effective in acute injuries and has been shown to decrease the duration of some sports injuries, helping athletes resume their normal activity faster.

The needles used are very fine and are more like acupuncture needles. More than 10 years of experience in Europe support that Biomesotherapy provides:

  • Inhibition of inflamation
  • Increased circulation
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Fine nerve ending stimulation
  • Influence acupuncture points and meridians
  • Alleviate pain
  • The initial consultation generally takes one hour with follow-up consults about thirty minutes.

Contact Harmony Health Natural Therapies Clinic on
0408 924 244 for more information or to make an appointment with Tamara.

Qualification Details

  • Dip Hom
  • Post Grad Dip Bot Med
  • Advanced Cert Biomesotherapy
  • BMus

  • Member Australian Homotoxicology Association (AAOH)
  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

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