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Healing Kinesiology


Sunshine Coast 4557

Servicing area: Distance and skype, SE QLD clinic coming

Focus area: energy healing kinesiology

Healing Kinesiology

Healing Kinesiology

Work with a holisitic and widely experienced kinesiologist 


Use the power of kinesiology via your innate intelligence to align your energy fields: directly accessing the cause of stress around physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual areas.


Kinesiology accesses your subconscious mind and energetic layers, using biofeedback to uncover and balance stress.


A Healing Kinesiology session works on:

~subconscious programming - thoughts, fears, beliefs ~sabotages

~clearing energetic blocks


Work with me if you're ready to release outdated vibration! I’m about giving you a session with practical results, clarity around your issues, increased awareness, in an easy to understand and down to earth approach.


Work with kinesiology for:

    • clearing subconscious programming, energetic blocks
    • empowerment
    • connect with your higher self for guidance
    • aligning your energy to raise your vibration


Healing Kinesiology offers remote kinesiology or skype sessions currently. 

Remote kinesiology sessions are done anywhere in the world - have a session at your convenience!



*Feel the benefits after one session!
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Clinic coming soon - SE QLD.

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Qualification details

  • Kinesiology
  • Kinergetics
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Food Coach

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Healing Kinesiology