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Healing Kinesiology


Brisbane QLD 4000

Servicing area: Distance and skype, SE QLD clinic coming

Healing Kinesiology

Healing Kinesiology

Spiritual Nutrition, Spiritual Kinesiology, Auric Field Activation, DNA Activation

Healing Kinesiology

Work with a holisitic and widely experienced kinesiologist  ~ colour therapist ~ hypnotherapist   


Use the power of kinesiology via your innate body intelligence to align your energy: accessing stress around physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual areas. Gain clarity for your spiritual growth, release what needs to be healed, awaken your potential and soul purpose.


Kinesiology accesses your subcoincosus mind and energetic layers, using biofeedback to uncover and balance stress.


Receive guidance and direction from your subconscious mind and higher energies. If you are willing to live life with more awareness, activate the potential to experience life on a higher level!


A Healing Kinesiology session works on:

~subconscious programming - thoughts, fears, beliefs ~sabotages

~clearing of negative energies
~releasing low vibration

Some delightful side effects of a session include:

*feeling lighter and more empowered

*increased self love
*connecting to your higher guidance
*expanding your consciousness

~ Take away practical advice to manage your energy, releasing what is needed.

~ Access the parts of you that connect to your higher awareness, and uncover what is waiting to unfold.

~ Feel more empowered as you take steps to discover more about your purpose and life direction.


Work with me if you're ready to release outdated vibration! I’m about giving you a session with practical results, clarity around your issues, increased awareness, in an easy to understand and down to earth approach.


Work with me for:

    • clearing subconscious programming, energetic blocks
    • empowerment
    • raise your vibration and evolve your purpose
    • connect with your higher self for guidance on spiritual growth
    • aligning your energy to raise your consciousness


Healing Kinesiology offers remote kinesiology or skype sessions currently. 

Remote kinesiology sessions are done anywhere in the world - have a session at your convenience!



*Feel the benefits after one session!
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Clinic coming soon - SE QLD.


Qualification Details

  • Kinesiology
  • Kinergetics
  • Food Coach
  • Colour Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy

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