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Healthie Moves gives you yoga to balance the body, breath and the mind. We aim to create greater awareness by giving you the ability to use what feels comfortable and to encourage you to move into any other areas safely and in a self-empowered fashion.

Healthie Moves

Focus areas

Yoga therapy Tension Stress Management Growth

We give you tools and skills to lead a more effective and happier life. People of all ages and conditions benefit from our classes and continue to reap the benefits as their practice deepens.

One aspect of our practice is aimed at discovering that harsh self-judgement can create rigidity and be disempowering. We encourage you to discover and overcome this by engaging in a spirit of inquiry. Our aim is to help you gain subtle insights by using the tools of yoga.

Although it is important to learn the asanas, asana (exercise) is currently commonly thought of as yoga, but really it is only one of the tools used in yoga and yoga therapy. Breathing, meditation and chanting are as effective. The most important tool is that spirit of inquiry. Exploration and acceptance will help you find the means to changeā€¦to promote balance and insight. At Healthie Moves we nurture the non-competitive edge.

Most people who come to our classes come to learn, not to do a workout. The classes are geared to regaining health and staying that way. Those who come to class come to an understanding that doing yoga without setting rigid goals will aid growth. Being open to new ideas in developing a practice, and incorporating these into life. will elicit positive changes.

Intro to yoga therapy

Welcome to Healthie Moves. At Healthie Moves we teach Yoga and Yoga therapy. Our studios are both beautifully located and suitably well-equiped. We use yoga therapy to ease pain, stress and tension as well as to promote strength and a wonderful sense of well-being.

We offer specialised classes geared to those with or without physical problems. They are aimed to heal in a relaxing and supportive environment.

Yoga therapy is the process empowering individuals to progress towards improved health and well being through the application of the philosophy and practice of yoga. Traditionally all yoga was given to elicit this kind of change. More recently this has been supported by evidence-based research to align with Western medicine.

Yoga therapy is usually practices one-to-one or in small groups, and is customised to each client. A yoga therapy program gives you the advantage of having something to use daily to both effect change and maintain it.

Working with yoga therapy we incorporate the principles of yoga. These operate form the same base of oriental medicine as acupuncture, and are similarly broadly effective. In doing this we also implement principles of exercise science and adhere to physiotherapeutic principle.

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