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Health Point Physiotherapy

619 Hawthorn Rd
Brighton East VIC 3187

Servicing area: Brighton East, Victoria

Health Point Physiotherapy
Do you or your child suffer from scoliosis? Over the years we have helped children, adolescents and adults successfully manage their scoliosis.


The physiotherapists at Health Point Physiotherapy work with children, adolescents and adults, helping them successfully manage their scoliosis.

We also work a lot with expectant and new mothers, assisting them in preparing their body for pregnancy and caring for them while they are pregnant. This is extremely important as the weight of the fetus and postural changes during pregnancy place additional load on the back, thus increasing the risk of scoliosis progression.

The Physiotherapists at Health Point Physiotherapy can help with the following:
  • Slow down and often prevent scoliosis progression
  • Reduce and likely abolish the pain you may be experiencing
  • Improve your posture and core strength
  • Improve your general muscle strength and tone
  • Improve the cosmetic appearance of your scoliosis
How can Health Point Physiotherapy help me or my child?

One of the best treatment methods for scoliosis is Clinical Pilates. Besides Pilates we specialize in pain management using hands on therapy and electrotherapy, including SCENAR therapy. If Pilates is not for you we will gladly design a program which you or your child can do at home.

We will also discuss correct sitting, standing and lifting technique. When treating children we focus a lot on their posture when at school.

How does our Clinical Pilates system work?

Step 1: Our comprehensive Full Body Assessment System. During this 1 hour assessment we thoroughly assess your scoliosis both clinically and by looking at your X-Rays. We have a thorough look at your posture, the movement of your spine and joints, muscle strength, ligaments and other factors. Includes more than 200 diagnostic parameters.

Real Time Ultrasound is used to assess your core - you get to see on the screen how the muscles work. This gives you the confidence that you are activating them correctly. Used routinely unless you are pregnant.

Step 2: Design of your Clinical Pilates program based on the assessment outcomes. Your program will be specific to your needs and will address your personal goals.

Step 3: Support and Maintenance. Once your initial goals are reached we help you prevent recurrence of pain and work toward new aims. We offer a range of fun classes, including THT (Tummy, Hips and Thighs), cardio and personal training sessions to make sure you are always challenged and never bored.

What is so special about Pilates sessions at Health Point?
  • All sessions are conducted by physiotherapists specially trained in scoliosis
  • Hands on treatment used as part if the session when needed
  • We use reformers, trapeze table and other modern exercise equipment
  • All sessions are strictly monitored to make sure your technique is accurate
  • You will be on level 1 for the first few sessions, then small groups (maximum of 3 people)
  • You will receive a FREE home exercise program
  • We perform regular FREE reassessments to track your progress and review your program
  • We are open from 8am-9pm most days of the week and also work on Saturdays
  • Ample street public and easy access if using public transport
  • HICAPS on the premises so you can claim on the spot
  • We work with all insurance companies
  • We bulk bill patients who have an EPC Referral
We have a strong network with other scoliosis specialists, such as Schroth method practitioners. This will make sure that you or your child will be looked after from every angle. We will be in regular contact with your orthopaedic surgeon and GP.

  • Physiotherapists Registration Board of Victoria
  • Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • SCENAR therapy certificate