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Heavenly Feet

Julia Gourevitch

475e St Kilda St
Elwood VIC 3184

Servicing area: Elwood, Victoria

Heavenly Feet

When you use Theta healing your brain moves to the slower theta brain wave achieved when you are in a deep meditation. It will surprise you how easy it is to learn to quickly move into the theta state of mind.

Heavenly Feet - Theta Healing

Theta Healing

It is important to note that Theta Healing is not based on any religion or religious belief.

However, it works on the acceptance that every person understands that there is a highest consciousness, often referred to as Source, God or Creator that he or she can work with to transform their lives.

Theta Healing is a simple process that allows you to inquire in ways such as, ‘Why is this person sick’ and then you will literally be able to see, or be ‘witness’ to the answer. Theta Healing allows you to develop an improved understanding as to why you may feel fear, resentment regret or rejection within your life. Theta healing methods will provide you with the skills to replace negative behaviours and emotions and will implement new positive ones and experience unfelt emotions such as unconditional love.

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