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Jean is an accredited and experienced practitioner providing professional hypnotherapy, counselling, and psychotherapy.

Individualised treatment planning to meet your therapy needs.

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Clinical hypnotherapy is a therapeutic model of intervention , combining hypnosis with counselling and psychotherapy to bring about postive changes in thoughs, emotions, and behaviors.  The hypnosis part ceates a relaxed and focused state of mind. Science has established that during this focused state, it becomes easier to learn new patterns of thinking, and also to let go of unhelpful thoughts, behaviors and emotions. 

Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve personal goals, and to make significant positive changes in your life. Neuroplasticity is the process by which our brains change and adapt to new learning. The brain has a 'plastic like' ability to change throughout the life span, and hypnotherapy can assist this process. Our behaviors are shaped by what we do and think on a daily basis, and this can bring about both posisitve and negative patterns of behaviour and thinking.  Hypnotherapy however, always focuses on positive changes. The process of positive suggestions during the focused state of hypnosis can have a powerful influence in the creation of new neural pathways or the 'rewiring'  of the brain . Science tells us that focused attention is critical for neuroplasticity to occur, and hypnosis can increase neuroplasticity. 

Evidenced based counselling and psychotherapy interventions are also helpful for the change process to occur. Hypnotherapy can be useful alone or combined with counselling or psychotherapy,  depending on your individual circumstances . Your therapist can advise on what might be the most appropriate interventions for you in an individualised treatment plan.  Individualised treatment is important,  as no two people are alike in there needs in the therapy process.  Hypnotherapy can be useful in a wide varity of situations such as;  stress manangement, anxiety, weight management, quit smoking, exam or interview nerves, peak performance, or insomnia. 

Your therapist is able to work with you to achieve your personal goals and and to meet your individual needs. I have trained extensively in both hypnotherapy and counselling/psychotherapy.  I also have a background in nursing, and have spent over twenty years working as a social worker, counsellor and therapist in the mental health field. This experience and training enables me to consider a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment in your individualised treatment planning stage. 

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Diploma Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Hypnotherapy (IAP) MSW, BSW, BA Applied Science Diploma Clinical hypnosis (AAH) Wellness Coaching Level 1.

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