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Servicing area: Bunbury, Western Australia

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Treat what ails you the natural way, with the help of a professional Traditional Chinese Medicine or Moxibustion Treatment. Perfect for people of all ages.

House of Qi - Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can be traced back at least 5,000 years establishing it as one of the oldest and long standing health systems in the world. It encompasses many different treatment techniques used either by themselves or as a combination to enhance a treatment principle restoring health faster.

Other principals include:

    • Acupuncture


    • Chinese Herbal


    • Cupping


    • Shi Lao (Dietary Therapy)


What To Expect During a Consultation?

Assessment and diagnosis is used to establish an individualised treatment plan. Once this is established and after careful consultation explaining your condition and treatment, a formula suited to your diagnosis is prescribed.

Formulas are dispensed in a convenient capsule from high grade Chinese ingredients. All medication does not contain contrabanned ingredients. No medicine is sourced from endangered animals.


House of Qi complies and promotes the Traditional Chinese Medicine Endangered Species Certification Scheme (ESCS). The purposes of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Endangered Species Certification Scheme (ESCS) are:

    • To raise the level of awareness, education and compliance with the legal requirements associated with the international wildlife trade;


    • To recognise professionals and traders involved in the ethical research, recommendation, prescription, supply, export or import of traditional Chinese medicines; and


    • To provide a credible mechanism to acknowledge and support professionals and traders to publicly promote that they do not use or support the use of Chinese medicines containing illegally traded wildlife ingredients.



Moxibustion is the burning of the medicinal herb Artemisia Vulgaris also known by its common name: Mugwort or Moxa.

House of Qi applies Moxa using cones to enhance the patient’s experience and to increase the success of the treatment. Moxa cones are placed onto the acupuncture needles and lit. Patients experience a pleasant heat sensation that penetrates through the needle into the specified acupuncture point.

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Qualification details

  • Advanced Diploma of Applied Science Acupuncture
  • Accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society
  • Registered with APHRA the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority

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