Hypnosis for Change

125 Shoalhaven st
Kiama NSW 2533

Servicing area: Illawarra & Kiama, New South Wales

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Bev enables you to change your life by eliminating lifelong problems. Bev also facilitates past life and life-between-lives therapy. She is a meditation teacher and reiki practitioner.

Hypnosis for Change

Can you imagine living your life fully? Your life can be a joyful, fulfilling, exciting adventure without the baggage of past experiences!

Do you have a phobia that holds you back from enjoying all that life has to offer? Hypnotherapy allows you to be free from phobias and living the rest of your life without those fears.

Are you living with a memory that keeps coming back to haunt you, or had a childhood experience that prevents you from being close to others or affects your relationships? Many of these issues can be quickly addressed and free up your emotions so that your relationships are warm and enriching.

Wish you could sleep soundly at night, be free from stress and anxiety? Hypnosis works wonders!

Feeling a bit blue, not able to concentrate as well as usual, memory not as sharp as it used to be? Hypnotherapy will have your attention back on track.

Maybe you feel inferior to others, or unable to put across your point of view? Then hypnotherapy will help you realise your true worth and to feel at ease with others in any situation.

Do you need help to get motivated and to get the most out of your opportunities? Is procrastination or study a problem for you? Want to change a habit?

Perhaps you have an issue that you feel is left over from a past life and is holding you back in this lifetime, then past life regression may be your answer.

Our beliefs and emotions set the stage for our lives. Sometimes these are based on false or poor premises and Bev can help you to unlock your potential and live life the way you want to live it.

So why carry the baggage any longer?

Science has finally caught up and is now proving the effectiveness of this very safe natural therapy. And did you know, that no one can be hypnotised to do anything against their will?

Whatever the issue, something can be changed to make your life better right now! Phone or email Bev today for further information. Stop putting off the rest of your life. Live it!

Bev is also a meditation teacher in a western style that puts you in touch with your thoughts and relieves stress.

Bev also works with energy healing as a Reiki practitioner.

Bev has been an educator for many years. She has practised meditation for the past 16 years. She practises in the beautiful NSW South Coast town of Kiama.

Qualification details

  • Diploma of Advanced Hypnotherapy; Bachelor of Hypnotherapy, Australian Academy of Hypnosis.
  • Clinical Member of The Australian Hypnotherapists' Association.
  • Past Life Regression training with the Holistic Healing Centre, New York.
  • Trained by the Michael Newton Institute in Life Between Lives Regression.
  • Bachelor of Education; Graduate Diploma Art Education (Sydney University and Edith Cowan University, WA)

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