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I Choose Happy

Maree Eisma

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I Choose Happy

Helping YOU take the steps to a happier YOU.​

I Choose Happy


My name is Maree Eisma. I am a Medicare accredited Clinical and Mental Health Social Worker , Counsellor, Therapist and Life Coach. I have over 18 years of clinical experience working in a range of sectors and clinical settings. My primary passion is to serve women who desperately want to be unburdened by the emotional heaviness they are carrying. The emotional heaviness may be due to a build- up of prolonged stress or anxiety (including panic attacks), low mood, lethargy, fatigue, poor sleep, burn-out and may also present as emotional overeating/weight gain, addictions and general dis-ease.

"You deserve to stand fully in your light and truly embrace your own uniqueness"

I provide an opportunity to bring more peace, serenity and a sense of calmness into women's lives. I assist women to tap into the long forgotten inner wisdom they instinctively possess, to have greater trust in themselves. I come from a firmly held belief that the body knows instinctively what it needs to do to change. The challenge lies in creating a space where we really ‘tune’ into what is going on in there and listen to the inner whispers (or perhaps the loud screams) that inherently lie in this space. It is in this place where we can have a relationship with our own inner-knowings that enables us to navigate the world moving towards wholeness and out of the chaos and confusion.

​My clients report to valuing my warm and connected approach, my perceptiveness and intuition, my understanding and acceptance that leads to empowerment and an ultimately happier you! Experiencing depression, anxiety, grief and stress that often results in emotional eating or substance use are all too common in modern life. ‘I Choose Happy’ offers the chance to be supported in taking those vital steps to reclaiming a happier you.


  • Cognitive Behavioral interventions

  • Behavioural Approaches

  • Transactional Analysis

  • Expressive Therapies/ Sandplay and Symbol work

  • Art Therapy

  • Solution Focussed frameworks

  • Narrative Interventions

  • Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy principles.

  • Family Therapy

  • Life Coaching

Consultation Information.

Generally our session goes for approximately 50 minutes depending on the type of approach being used. For adults using 'Sandplay and Symbol work' it is preferable to allow 90 minutes per session, this ensures that you are not rushed and you can transition nicely between being with me and resuming day to day activities.

I know that when people make a decision to commit to addressing the concerns that they are experiencing, the last thing they (or I) want is administrative aspects detracting from our time together. For this reason I prefer to ensure that all paperwork is completed prior to our appointments. (This will be discussed at time of initial contact and allows us to dedicate as much time to working together on what is occurring for you, rather than losing valuable time in dealing with paperwork).

​Medicare rebates apply for focused psychological services with appropriate mental health plans (approximately $75.00 is covered by medicare when a Mental health Care Plan is used).
Life Coaching services are not provided under Mental Health Care Plans.

Expressive Therapies

Sandtray Therapy and Symbol Work/Expressive Therapies
Sandtray Therapy and symbol work draws on a range of psycho-therapeutic theories and is based on an understanding that a person's psyche has an inbuilt position or longing to seek happiness, healing and well-being. When a person (regardless of their age) is caught up investing their emotional energy in either ignoring, dismissing or disowning parts of themselves (the parts that are considered 'unacceptable' or 'or not okay' by the person and others), there is often some form of 'acting out' in an attempt to deal with the emotional unrest that this process generates. As there is no 'safe place' or 'outlet' to 'release' or 'express' some of the associated built up emotions and frustrations (anger, sadness, grief, disappointment etc), then it is not uncommon that people can 'act out' in a range of ways (e.g turning their anger on themselves through self harming/self destructive behaviours or displacing these feelings on to others which can include lashing out at parents, loved ones, school peers and pet animals etc).

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