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Member since 2023
Walkerville, SA, 5081
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Temenos Psychotherapy in Adelaide, Australia, offers a personalised and non-clinical approach to therapy that fosters a safe and supportive environment for personal growth. Through authentic connection and individualised care, Sophia here at Temenos helps individuals achieve transformative healing and wellbeing, guiding them on a journey towards deeper self-discovery. Find out more

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Caroline McKenna
Byron Bay, NSW, 2481
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Chill Pill Therapies offers a selection of modalities aimed at improving your life starting with your mind. These modalities include healing techniques geared at non-physical techniques. Find out more

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Natalie Lascelles
Sydney, NSW, 2000
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Pain and suffering are inevitable parts of life. Whether you’re facing a crisis or in need of a meaningful connection, Natalie can help. Call or email for an in-person/Skype session. Find out more

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South Isis, QLD, 4660
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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are the leading force in the emerging field... Find out more

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Beverley De La Harpe
Perth, WA, 6000
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Learn how to utilise the most powerful tool to transform your life — your mind. Find out more

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Mark Tolley
Melbourne, VIC, 3000

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Annie O'Grady
Adelaide, SA, 5000
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EFT Tapping is an easy stress buster, typically fast, that I can teach you to weave into your daily life – or that I can help you with, to ease small or serious problems of any kind. You’ll learn... Find out more

Member since 2008
Patricia Newton
Redcliffe, QLD, 4020
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Reiki rebalances the body on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and re-integrates the person, soothing their soul. Find out more

Member since 2009
Geelong, VIC, 3220
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If you're ready to lead the life you were born to live, Lorina specialises a range of professional Hypnotherapy Techniques. Call to chat about your specific needs. For appointments and answers to your... Find out more