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Debra Carter

Servicing area: Mysterton, Townsville Queensland


Need More Energy? I can help you!

My Integrative Therapies will Increase your Flexibility, Ease Pain & Stress, Detoxing Your Body will give you Energy & Zest for Life.

Integrated Health Integrated Life

Experience the difference with a colonic where every cell is detoxed and re-hydrated. Structural Integration is a somatic unwinding and re-aligning within the field of gravity allowing greater adaptability, stamina and freedom of movement. Working with Information Healthcare both NES Health & Trinfinity8, re-aligns or integrates our bioenergetic information fields, creating greater coherence for our body so it has the energy to heal itself and maintain homeostasis.

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    Diploma - Hellerwork Structural Integration
    Cert. IV - Swedish Remedial Massage
    Colon Hydrotherapy
    NES Health & miHealth

    Member of International Association of Structural Integrators
    Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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My unique and integrative programs are health and wellbeing investments of a lifetime.  They invoke true and lasting change and open individual potential.

Structural integration allows the body to move fluidly again, to have stamina and be a pleasure to live in.Where do you stand within gravity?The International Association of Structural Integrators support all Schools teaching the series developed by Ida P Rolf.  Hellerwork, Rolfing and many others practise this somatic unwinding.Our heart creates a large field around and within us.I have a case study in this book of a client who has avoided a heart by-pass, along with many other amazing results from other practitioners - an easy read, giving an overview of history and development of NES Health plus in depth information about organs