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Gua sha Traditional Chinese medicine
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Specialising in providing a range of professional Emotional Freedom Technique services,

In Focus - Emotional Freedom Technique

What Is EFT?

EFT is based on the statement: “The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body’s energy system”. Understanding this concept is fundamental to the application of this technique. The process of ‘unblocking’ this energy disruption results in the elimination of all negative emotions.

This idea parallels that of TCM in that its long been acknowledged in TCM theory that the disruption in the body’s Qi (pronounced Chee) and Blood flow results in disharmony. This disharmony is not only limited to emotional sphere, but also encompasses normal physiological functioning.

How Does It Work?

Unlike TCM, EFT uses a taping method on specific acupuncture points to assist in improving the energy flow through the Meridian system whilst focusing on the specific negative emotion, in order to restore harmony.

Why Come & See George?

EFT has become a foundation treatment tool in George’s clinical practice as it allows him to assist you to get to the root cause of your emotional and physical disharmony. From George’s clinical experience, once this specific energy block has been cleared, then the other TCM and natural therapies that George practices will work more efficiently.

Like the founder of EFT (Gary Craig), George and the founder of FlameTree, Dr Rhett (DCM) worked together to simplify EFT without the need to tap. As both come from a TCM background, and EFT is based on the meridian system, it makes sense that they could improve on this already efficient technique. And then did... we call it Universal Emotional Freedom Technique (UEFT)


This is based on George’s 20 plus years of experience in working with various physical therapies such as remedial massage, trigger point therapy, superficial dry needling, acupuncture, Bowen technique, Oriental massage, Tui Na, traditional Chinese massage, relaxation massage, Functional Facial Taping (FFT®), cupping and Gua Sha.

George has developed a unique treatment approach by combining these therapies into this treatment plan. The end result is an effective treatment that brings about the reduction in muscular pain, stress and tension.


FFT® is a fast and effect way to reduce muscle pain and improve range of motion, offering a drug free alternative to pain modulation. It involves using the concept of ‘digital distraction’ prior to applying tape, by using the ‘gathering’ technique, to a specific body part associated with muscle pain. It’s amazing how instant the analgesic effect can be.

George is an accredited FFT® practitioner by Ron Alexander, the founder of this innovative technique. George’s dedication to the healing arts gives him another technique that he can offer you as part of your treatment plan.

For a sneak preview at what FFT® can do for you, go to the Website and watch the online video clips as prepared by Ron Alexander.

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Qualification details

  • Master App Sci - Acupuncture
  • Bach App Sci - Chinese Medicine
  • Bach App Sci - Health Promotion
  • Bach Health Sci - Naturopathy
  • Certified FlameTree Healer and Instructor
  • Certified UEFT Technician and Instructor
  • Post Grad Cert - Western Herbal Medicine
  • Cert - Abdominal Acupuncture (Nanjing, China)
  • Cert - Biomesotherapy
  • Cert - Fuctional Facial Taping
  • Cert - Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Cert - Reiki One & Two
  • Cert - Bio-Energetic Imprinting (Guardian & Remedy Maker)
  • Cert - Remedial Massage
  • Cert - Oriental Massage
  • Cert IV - Assessment & Workplace Training

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