Bilinga QLD 4225

Servicing area: Tweed heads, Coolangatta and surrounding suburbs


Here at Inner Depths Healing I like to use a blend of my skills

Hypnosis is great for dealing with problems such as anxiety, fears and phobias.

Like to quit smoking or any other bad habits , Hypnotherapy is a geat place to start.


Energetic Healings (these include Reiki and Chakra Balancing) are  non invasive treatments, that simply work, fantastic for emotial issues and to balance the body's energy systems and aid in preventing disease, which inevitably happens when we are out of balance for extended periods.

Have chronic illness or pain we can use Past Life Regression, or find out who you were in another life.


My Story

My life has been a series of journeys starting right from the time of my conception. I was always a quiet child, and spent a lot of time alone. I always had a passion for animals, plants and spending lots of time outdoors. I was lucky to grow up in a time where you were expected to be outside and occupy yourself. I have a questioning nature and reflect deeply on all things and have a tremendous love of learning. As a child I found most people frustrating, they would tell you something and you would be expected to just accept it. Asking questions was almost taboo, but how else do you make sense of the world.

As I grew up and started my own family I developed a strong desire to learn about natural therapies and in particular Herbs. I started a home based course through Health Schools Australia, I loved learning and the more knowledge I gained the more I wanted. During my time studying for my Diploma in Herbal Medicine I also completed my Diploma in Remedial Massage as well as a certificate in Iridology. I did my practical work at Mullumbimby Herbal Dispensary. I opened and practised a successful practise from my home, which was very important to me as a single parent.

As I worked more and more with clients I saw that there was a need for mental and emotional work. So I studied for my Certificate in Life and Business coaching, I was able to integrate this easily into my practise. As time went on I was developing a strong desire to resolve a lot of personal issues, as most of the people involved in my past had died, and the ones still around were not capable of answering my questions honestly, I decided to turn to hypnotherapy, after all I knew all the answers to my questions. The responses I received from my subconscious were very enlightening and helped me come to terms with a lot of my past especially from conception and in the very early years of my life. With such success for myself, I wanted to be able to help others the same way, so I started studying again this time for my Diploma in Hypnotherapy. It was wonderful all the experiences I was having both personally and seeing the shifts in my clients. Seeing them remove lifelong issues and understanding themselves on a much greater level. Expanding on this I did workshops to develop more skills into Past Life Regression, having observed how some problems either emotional or physical have been with my clients always and when doing a regression we can travel to the time/ life of the incident, and heal it. It can take more than just one healing, it can take many depending on how many lives the person has had. But seeing the results is truly amazing, whether you believe in reincarnation or not. This is just a taste of my journey and it continues on, as you can see I have a passion for healing and would love to be a part of your journey too.

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Qualification details

  • Diploma Herbal Medicine
  • Diploma Remedial Massage
  • Diploma Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
  • Certificate of completion in Soul Regression Therapy
  • Certificate 3 Fitness
  • Certified Iridologist
  • Certificate 4 Life Coaching
  • Advanced Touch For Health

Service categories

This practitioner provides online consults