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Healing Therapies available in a private clinic, or as a mobile service on the Sunshine Coast

Inner Fulfillment Hypnotherapy Services - Session Info

Who would benefit from our Healing Therapies?

Healing Therapies can help if you:
  • have a problem or issue you want to change
  • can't resolve a problem no matter how much you've tried
  • have negative habits or behaviours
  • have negative beliefs you would like to change
  • suffer from depression or feeling down
  • can feel anxious or suffer from anxiety
  • have emotional distress
  • feel stressed or overwhelmed

These services are suitable for those wishing to gain insight into, and resolution of a specific issue.

These services are also entirely suitable for those wanting to explore their spiritual self or other aspects of the spirit world. If you are already happy and fully satisfied with your life, a Healing Therapies session can still be a profoundly interesting and peaceful experience.

A brief case history by phone or in person is recommended. At the end of the first session it becomes clear how many sessions are likely to be required to achieve your outcome, and this will be communicated to you clearly and honestly. For instance, cases involving traumas or depression may involve a longer treatment strategy.

Healing Therapies Available

Inner Fulfillment provides a number of healing therapies including:
  • Clinical Hypnosis
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy®
  • Past and Current Life Regression Therapy
  • Between Lives Therapy
How sessions work

A consultation and case history is essential. The first session will include discussing the reason you are seeking Hypnotherapy, creating clearly defined outcomes, and getting started on the change process. This is a service that creates the best possible conditions for your success.

Hypnotherapy sessions are generally 1.5 hours to 2 hours long - please allow plenty of time before and after your appointment where possible. The overall number of sessions varies depending on your needs – a program of 2 to 6 sessions is most common.

Regression Therapy sessions (Past and Current Life therapy) usually range between 2 and 3 hours.

Between Lives Regressions can last for up to 5 hours and it’s recommended that you allow a full day to integrate the experience.

A free case history by phone is available before booking an appointment – contact Tony directly for details.

Locations and Times

Available Monday to Saturday.
Sessions are held in Buderim, on the Sunshine Coast.

Mobile services for Past Life and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy can be arranged at any location on the Sunshine Coast, in the Brisbane area, and on trips to capital cities when travelling for trainings - please phone Tony for his travel schedules. A quiet, undisturbed space is essential.

Rates and Packages

Past and Current Life Regression Services
Past Life Regression and Regression Therapy – 3hrs - $230 (or) 1.5 to 2hrs - $180
(a brief case history by phone or in person is recommended)

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy - $495
(includes a $180 Past Life Regression held on a separate day, and a 3 to 5 hour Life Between Lives session)

Life Between Lives Package - $595
(includes 3 sessions - a Past Life Regression, LBL, and 1 x 2 hour follow up)

Payment options for services and trainings:

Payments can be made by:
  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer, or
  • Eftpos (Visa, MasterCard and Debit cards only)

To request alternate payment plans for services or trainings, contact Tony to ask what can be arranged.
Inner Fulfillment also welcomes Bartercard members - please ask for trade dollar arrangements.

About Tony Collins

Tony moved to England at the age of 22 and traveled through Europe, Asia and Central Australia for 5 years, during which time he became fascinated with Hawaiian Huna practices, guided meditations, and alternative health treatments. He decided to pursue a career in mind, body and spirit therapies with the aim of assisting people to resolve inner conflicts and learn more about their spiritual nature.

He first completed training in KaHuna bodywork on the Sunshine Coast in 2001, and then qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Timeline Therapist(TM) in London in 2004. He completed Diplomas in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Between Lives Regression while living in the UK, and practiced in London for five years. He began his practice in Australia in early 2009 and has since completed training as a Regression Therapist, Pranic Healer, Pranic Psychotherapist, and Hypnosis and NLP Trainer.

The Past Life and Life Between Lives sessions work directly with the mind, body and soul, and Tony recognizes the importance of working with all 3 in any therapeutic process.

He brings a blend of humour, empathy and experience to his work with clients, and is committed to getting the best results possible. He provides a safe space for you to heal yourself in a way that promotes your inner peace and happiness, & opens your own unique connection to your higher self.

Read on for more information on the benefits of each modality, what results you can expect, and the courses that are available. Contact Tony on 0420 249 592 or by email: for more information.

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