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Innovative Body Solutions Clinic

Innovative Body Solutions Clinic

It is not only medical interventions that healing brings, but also the full biological ability, often without the invisible power of divine control.

Counselling & Coaching

Servicing area

Hunter Valley, Newcastle & surrounds, and Central Coast NSW

Focus areas

Tinnitus Arthritis Cancer management Eczema Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Mental health

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What is Counselling? 

Supported by us and our counsellors you will feel accepted, understood, respected and whatever your age, sex, religion, ethnicities, relationship status or level of education, you are comfortable in our safe, non-judgmental and privileged environment. 

As a team, the consultant and the client work to explore the tough experiences of life. The experts have great empathy and determination to listen respectfully and attentively to help their customers respond to their needs. 

In the following areas let us make a breakthrough: 

  • Renew your mind 
  • Rebuild relationships 
  • Strengthen self worth 
  • Better manage and negotiate life
  • Promote positive behaviour change 
  • Optimise mental health 
  • Reconcile differences
  • Establish what your intentions are for your future
  • Identify goals 
  • Improve communication 

Counselling is an individual process that takes time to discover emotions and sensations. Anyone you’re talking to is very important and one part of your load when shared is much more convenient. 

Our trained counsellors will help you see results, improve your life quality & immune system, support your family, and enhance emotional, physical, social, spiritual and intellectual performance.

In your emotional kit, you will leave a new sense of hope and be empowered with new skills as instruments.

Various types 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy 
  • Couple therapy 
  • Marriage counselling 
  • Mental health
  • Depression & anxiety 

What is Neurocoaching?

Neurocoaching integrates all the best in counselling, psychology and human behavioral science.

If you ever gave up your life, lived outside your beliefs, saw others pursue their dreams, you are not alone. It was also felt by our coaches before they recovered their strength - they’re there to motivate you to make a unique difference to your life. 


  • Bring your power back 
  • See, hear, taste, smell and feel what it is like to reach your goals 
  • Stress reduction - 75% of illness is stress related 
  • Rewire your brain 
  • Let go of blame, excuses and denial in exchange for ownership, accountability and responsibility.
  • Remove yourself as a blocker for your own success
  • Science based
  • Judgement free, conversation 
  • Strict confidentiality

Book now and we will be happy to talk and discuss wat suits your needs.


  • Remedial Massage Therapist (16+ Years)
  • Certificate In Hot Stone Massage
  • Massage Therapist
  • Certificate In Therapeutic Massage
  • Relaxation Massage Therapist
  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy (1998)

Professional Membership

  • Australian Colon Health Association