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My InSPIRITED VITALITY Toolkit includes many gifts, tools and techniques. These can be provided as standalone techniques, products and services or customised combination for magnified synergy.


Are you feeling stuck or is your life compromised in anyway?
Are you running under or over capacity??
Is there anything missing in your life?
If you could change anything what would it be? 
Did you know that your mind and body are designed for optimal WELLNESS and VITALITY? But it's struggling in today's busy toxic stress-ful world? How can you support it?
First, we need to work out what you really want, so together we can set you on a path that moves you closer to your dream life. I have some wonderful tools and techniques to help you do just that!!
Lifestyle medicine, powerful unique aroma healing techniques and authentic natural plant synergy working their magic from inside out and outside in, can ultimately TRANSFORM your life!

To my Friends, Family and Colleagues,
I've been thinking of you all, and would love to hear how the current global situation is affecting you.
First I MUST let you know about something that not many people know about... and if I don’t share this with you and someone I love and respect gets unwell, then I haven’t been a very good friend, family member or colleague. If you do already know about this, then please share it, with someone who may not!! This is SUPER IMPORTANT to EVERYONE RIGHT NOW!!
My immediate family and I are taking a natural herbal product that is scientifically proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40% on average in 30 days. This may mean nothing to you but know this. Oxidative stress is linked to over 280 disease processes. Imagine if you could lower your own oxidative stress.. what that would mean if you have any of those conditions in your family.
Oxidative stress is also produced by viruses when they infect us. Being able to lower oxidative stress reduces the severity of the infection and aids recovery time. This may not prevent you from getting sick but will help your body fight it, the best way it can by boosting your immune system via increasing the production of glutathione in your body. Glutathione is our master antioxidant and production is increased in our body by 300% when taking our herbal tablet.
I have been on these products for nearly two years now, and my Mum for nearly 17 months. I experienced a complete turn around to where by health was heading. It has been life changing. What was amazing was that EVERYONE noticed and commented within just a couple of months, and continue to remark - they can see a return of my vitality, energy, ability and mood that radiates from inside out. This is not like anything else on the market, it's natural and it's proven to reawaken survival genes and our perfectly designed healing pathways.
If you or someone you know wants to find out more... how to protect and strengthen you, your family and friends OR if you prefer just let me know how you're doing, by email, message or ring me on 0458 032 038
You are also ALL INVITED to join us on the NEXT FREE WEBINAR to learn how to
"Switch on you Defence mechanisms by the Millions"
When: TOMORROW Sunday 29th March 9:30am AEST/10:30am AEDT
If you are not interested that’s totally fine, but know, that I have done my part in sharing my knowledge, to help you in the best way I know how, during the circumstances we find ourselves in now.
Be well, be safe, be happy, enjoy life With Much Love to You and Those Close to You

Using the highest grade authentic essential oils, I offer various techniques that support your mind, heart and body to release, reset, restore and replenish physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually:

Raindrop Technique for humans, horses and dogs in person. 

If you need physical support, bring balance and harmony to mind and body in an atmosphere of serenity and spirituality, then Raindrop Technique is perfect.

Imagine…Sinking into a deep and blissful state of rest, as you receive Energy Balance to calm, de-stress and uplift.

Ancient Tibetan Reflexology to your feet is synergistically enhanced when used with 100% pure authentic essential oils. This gentle roll and release method sends multiple electrical impulses to the spine to relax, restore and revitalise, promoting holistic wellbeing.

  You slowly roll over to experience gentle drops of essential oils on your spine and back muscles.  

Using a spine-tingling Native American technique, these oils are ‘feathered in’ combined with massage to remove energy blocks.

A deeply relaxing, nourishing experience, leaving you feeling amazing, with all your muscle singing!!


VitaFlex Technique in person

If you are looking for a simple, gentle, powerfully effective technique to stimulate, activate and relax the entire body replacing any tension, stiffness and overall tiredness, then VitaFlex is a GOOD CHOICE .

  Vitality through the Reflexes originated in Ancient Tibet, long before Acupuncture was discovered.   

Usually performed in silence to enhance a deep state of relaxation, and inner connection.

Unique and powerfully effective rhythmic rolling movement of the fingers stimulate reflex points, generating piezo-electric pulse, which travels along energy pathways to the corresponding part of the body.

Specific essential oils are chosen for their deeply relaxing effects and for their frequencies that resonate with different parts of the body for synergistic benefits.

Specific target areas: Digestion, Spine/ Brain, Thyroid/ Parathyroid, Pituitary/ Pineal Gland, Reproduction, Liver, Bladder, Lungs, Sinuses

A full VitaFlex Technique focuses on reflex points on the lower limbs, including the spinal reflexes. Additional points on the upper limbs and head may also be stimulated.

The entire body is supported through direct and positive healing.


Aroma Freedom Technique should you feel blocked, in need of a mindset shift in person, on phone or online.

This step-by-step process was designed to be learned and used by anyone wanting to experience more freedom in their lives.

It is an entirely new approach to aromatherapy, one that uses the power of pure essential oils to instantly and irresistibly shift a person's mental state, mood, and ability to take positive action.

Through this process you will learn how to identify what you're all  want in life , what is blocking you, and how to release these blocks in a matter of minutes. You then apply daily practices to keep you on track and solid with your positive intentions.


Emotional Balance and Spiritual Healing through Power of Plant, Spirit, Energy and Anointing with Sacred Essential Oils

If you are looking for emotional rebalancing or uplift and support spiritually, this is the best modality.

You are invited to set an intention for this inner vision quest. We begin with an Energy Balance to calm, and promote a deep state of relaxation and inner connection.

You are anointed with the purest essential oils, that have a profound ability to clear emotional blockages, in both people and animals for release, resolution and renewal.

The aromas are deeply relaxing, allowing you to enter a meditative state, stimulate the limbic region of the brain, where emotions and memory are stored.

By awakening this part of the brain (often called the subconscious mind), emotional intelligence can occur - connecting with your innate wisdom.

All sorts of wonderful things can happen – you can get answers to problems, have amazing spiritual experiences, you may bliss out 

You might even have memories and emotions come to the surface of things you need to look at in your life.

The love and gentleness of your practitioner is in itself a blessing!! 


Wellness Coaching

Wellness means different things to each person. Let us assume that wellness is being the best we can be physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.

Achieving this involves a process of action steps that move you closer to a more fulfilling, happier and healthier life. Having a coach and accountability partner significantly increases your chance of making lasting life changes. 

Wellness Coaching Australia specialises in health, fitness and wellness coaching for individuals and groups using positive psychology.

During the initial 1 hour coaching session, we explore which area is your first priority, create your wellness vision, set goals around where you'd like to be in 3 months. Weekly 30 min follow-up coaching sessions helps you review your weekly goals.

My commitment to your is for the initial 12 weeks, plus monthly calls thereafter. I continue to touch base with you,  to help you stay or get back on track.

Please jot down any questions in the notes section when you make the booking. I'm looking forward to helping you achieve the life you desire.


Wellbeing Tune Up

All over the world research tells us that people with higher levels of wellbeing 

# Are more resistant to colds

# Recover from surgery more quickly

# Feel pain less acutely

# Feel more connected to others

# Are more creative

# Are better at problem solving

# Can live up to 7 years longer

The same research is showing how our health and happiness can be boosted by doing certain things on a day to day basis, and your Wheel of Wellbeing is your guide to some of them.

The WoW framework is a fantastic proven tool helping us all be happier, healthier and more mentally  resilient.

Book in a 20 min Wellbeing Tune Up with me to work out which area of the wheel you'd like to focus on, discuss some simple and easy strategies that you can implement straight away.


Optimising The Human Potential with Nutrigenomics

Would you like to know about a safe, natural and profoundly effective way to activate your repair genes, significantly reduce your oxidative/ cellular stress, so your body makes millions of it's own anti-oxidants and strengthens your defences?

Would you like to know about a simple and easy way to optimise your cells health and function, repair and replenish your mitochondria which produces 95% of your body's energy?

Would you like an epigenetic edge over our environment, which in all our existence, has never been so toxic? Food and traditional supplements are just NOT ENOUGH to keep your mind and body in excellent running order and performing AT YOUR BEST!

Would you like to learn about a revolutionary health technology, which is CHANGiNG EVERYTHiNG! Whether you are facing a physical or mental health challenge, an elite performance sports event, cognitively demanding circumstances or simply want the look and feel your best at any age, Optimising your Cells Health with Nutrigenomics is a smart choice! 

Liberate Your Financial and Contribution Potential

Have you ever thought about diversifying your income? 

or wondered...

How you can leverage your time and effort? Well you're not alone!

One in two working Australians are living pay cheque to pay cheque. More than half of them will not have enough retirement savings to retire. What 98% of people are doing is making them either dead or dead broke by age 65!!

What if YOU could use your talents and passions, plus DEVELOP new personal skills and confidence that enable you to contribute to a GREATER GOOD and get paid for your efforts. time and time again, even after the work was done!

What if you EARNED MORE MONEY HELPING PEOPLE become HEALTHIER & HAPPIER with MORE VITALITY using our medical breakthrough, scientifically engineered Nutrigenomic products - Biohacking the Human Health & Ageing Code is NOW a REALITY!!

If you dream of living a life with more freedom, abundance and joy for you and your family, as well as create a legacy to leave for them in health and money matters, then maybe you'd like to take a look at what school principle from Queensland, Australia, is doing? Message me for the video, to watch & hear what changed in her life.

What would YOUR LIFE look and feel like if YOU had...

# More freedom while you work?

# More time with the people you love, doing the things you love?

# More time and energy to take better care of you?

# A generous income that rewards you for helping others, beyond you're wildest dreams

# The tools to transform your own life and those around you.

Let's FIND OUT together ... BOOK A CALL with me so you can take a closer look at this INCREDIBLE opportunity and answer your questions. If this is not for you, then that's totally fine. Only a very small percentage of people do - that's what makes it great for those who give it a go!

Ordinary people are living extraordinary lives, making their dreams come true, and so can you!! In 12month time you don't want to wish you'd started a year ago, No regrets! Nothing to lose and everything to gain, just by taking a look :) 

Don't wait, start living life to your highest potential now!


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BioHacker, Healer, Practitioner, Connector, Entrepreneur: Diabetes Nurse Educator, Registered Nurse; Raindrop Technique Practitioner (Ancient Tibetan Reflexology, Energy and Body Work); Aroma Freedom Practitioner (AFT); Reiki; Fitness Instructor; Aqua Aerobics Instructor; Wellness Coach

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