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Integrated Health Specialists

Integrated Health Specialists

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Want to Know the Real Reason Why you Can't Lose Weight? We Provide a Holistic Approach to Weight & Wellness - over 20 years experience! Our holistic approach incorporates a number of strategies for successful weight management, increasing fitness, improving health and vitality, improving your mindset, and addressing your psychological and emotional barriers along the way; with our primary focus on creating and maintaining sustainable healthy lifestyle habits.Ask about our signature program! If you are seeking a weight loss or health and fitness program with a difference, our Holistic Wellness Program is a total overhaul that includes such things as success coaching, lifestyle evaluations, personal training, naturopathic consultations including a Live Blood Analysis and Bio-impedance evaluation and assessment, diet and nutrition consultations (including our IHS Trolley Overhaul), hypnotherapy, NLP, emotional release processes, and relaxation training utilising various therapeutic techniques.Our Services: Holistic Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Naturopath, Success/Life Coach, Qualified Health & Fitness Coach, Nutrition & Weight Loss Consultant, CoRe Inergetix Biofeedback and Bioresonance Practitioner (Energy & Informational Medicine), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki Jin Kei Do (member of Reiki Australia), Integrated Spiritual Alignment (ISA), Crystal Healing. Please VISIT OUR WEBSITE for more information about our WEIGHT LOSS SERVICES or contact us directly on 07 5569 0115.

Integrated Health Specialists - Weight Loss

Servicing area

Gold Coast, Queensland

Focus areas

Obesity Academic performance Depression Panic attacks Phobias Smoking cessation

At Integrated Health Specialists we promote a holistic approach to wellness, and offer a range of services and unique programs to breakthrough personal limitations and improve the quality of your life. We consider all aspects of your current health; physical, emotional, and psychological. The notion of holistic wellness is the acknowledgement of our human potential as an individual and our desire to live satisfying and fulfilling lives. The goal is not just to be well in the physical body, but also to be in harmony with ourselves at all levels, body, mind and spirit, and also with our environment and the people we choose to share our lives with.

The key to successful and sustainable weight loss starts with how you view yourself, your lifestyle habits, and most importantly how you think and feel. Sure your health, fitness and your weight is a result of your eating and exercising habits, but there is so much more to it! Your weight is also a direct result of your underlying psychological and emotional patterns. It is imperative that we understand the intimate connections between your values, your self-worth, your thoughts, emotions, stress, digestion, metabolism, weight, and your health.

Please VISIT OUR WEBSITE to find out more about our unique WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS or call 07 5569 0115. lely focuses on your eating and exercise habits, but not the causes behind these habits; your underlying emotional patterns and your mindset. They attempt to help you change your habits without addressing the underlying issuesits like putting a band-aid on an open wound that needs stitches! And thats why they dont work, especially long term, and youll go back to your old habits. So the key is to address the causes; identify your underlying psychological patterns, whilst empowering you with cutting-edge tools to improve your lifestyle habits.

Please VISIT OUR WEBSITE to find out more about the PSYCHOLOGY OF WEIGHT LOSS or contact us on 07 5569 0115 to see how we can help you!

The medical model typically focuses upon symptoms of illness, but not the causes. Symptoms are in fact the expression of a deeper issue that we have been repressing, denying or ignoring. Dis-ease is not something that just happens to us, but is something that we create (be it often unconsciously). Symptoms and illness are messages providing us with an opportunity to look at our behaviours and our patterns in our lives, looking inwardly to see what our feelings are and what we choose do about them. Understanding the meaning of our symptoms is just the beginning of an important journey; the first step towards understanding ourselves more deeply and the choices we are making in our life, which of course leads to our outcomes in life.

At Integrated Health Specialists we focus on your underlying behavioural and emotional patterns (the causes) that are creating your symptoms. No labeling, diagnosing or medicating the problem, instead we focus on providing practical strategies and solutions to make lasting changes instead of applying a band-aid approach! We aim to empower you to be an active participant in your healing process, rather than becoming a passive recipient of health care and pharmaceuticals.

Our limitations and success will be based, most often, on our expectations for ourselves.
What the mind dwells upon, the body acts upon."

Denis Waitley

Our Services and Modalities include:

    • Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy

    • Hypnotherapy

    • Weight Loss Programs

    • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

    • Life/Success Coaching

    • Naturopathy

    • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

    • Energetic & Informational Medicine (CoRe Inergetix Biofeedback & Bioresonance Practitioner)

    • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

    • Reiki Jin Kei Do

    • Health and Fitness Coaching - specialising in Weight Loss

    • Crystal Healing

  • Registered Medicare and Private Health Fund Provider.

Please VISIT OUR WEBSITE for more information about our services or contact us directly!


"Thank you to Michelle and Todd van Namen for changing my life for the better. For the past four months we have been working together to "remodel Tracey" (body, mind and soul). Todd is an awesome personal trainer (I have lost over 10kgs!!). Michelle is an angel - who has helped me turn my life around! They both have such an awesome approach to life ~ its contagious and inspiring." TRACEY

"Todd is a professional personal trainer who has a genuine interest in his clients' health, fitness and personal well-being.

I have been training with Todd for almost a year and a half now. I was really nervous at the beginning, after having bad experiences in the past, but from the first training session I knew that this was going to last, as I found Todd to be very supportive, kind and understanding, I have never met a trainer like him before, he is absolutely amazing.

Who would have thought that training could be fun, although my training sessions are tuff and challenging, Todd's great sense of humour makes the sessions fun and I look forward to them every week.

Todd has taught me that with the right mindset and motivation I can achieve anything. I have now lost over 20kg and I am now fitter and healthier than I have ever been in my adult life.

I will be forever grateful for the time and support Todd has given me and I would highly recommend him to anyone." MAREE

"I called Todd as I heard that he was a great health and fitness coach. I was only 56kg, very underweight for my height and had a bad diet, which was all contributing to my frequent bouts of illness and tiredness. Todds approach was friendly and personalised and far from intimidating like I have found other Personal Trainers to be. He worked with me to design a program that included changes to my lifestyle, my diet and my fitness. I went from a skinny 56kg guy to a 64kg guy within 6 months and he gave me the knowledge and confidence to maintain it. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Todd to anyone who requires assistance." JASON

"Ive tried many weight loss programs lost weight and then, put it back on. I realised weight was about more than food and exercise and was seeking support that was more integrated and holistic. The journey with Michelle and Todd has been challenging, illuminating, fun and very effective! They are both highly competent in their respective fields; their support is warm and consistent and their commitment and enthusiasm are truly motivating! The people providing their support services Cassie, Simone and Simone also provide excellent service and are a delight to work with. All the services blend beautifully and have opened a new perspective on life to me.

With the support and guidance of Integrated Health Specialists, my road ahead is different the choices are more conscious, focused and balanced. I have no doubt I can achieve the goals I set myself because the missing pieces are being found and put in place. The service is a truly holistic one I wish I had found it years ago! This is well worth the investment!" KATHY

"Your Holistic Wellness Program is the most comprehensive and unique weight loss program I have ever come across! My entire life has changed, not only have I lost 13kgs but I have found my drive, happiness, and for the first time in my life I look forward to what my future holds what you guys do is just unreal and I cant thank you enough!" MARTY

"I am grateful and honoured to have been able to work with Todd & Michelle. The program's they run truly reflect an "integration" of all aspects of health and wellbeing.

The Physical, Emotional, Spiritual & Psychological aspects of human life are intimately intertwined and cannot be separated. Integrated Health Specialists helped me take all these factors - and their priority in my life - into account, helping me recognise and find my own inner guidance and move me to a place of optimal health, wellbeing, joy and fulfillment.

I would happily recommend Integrated Health Specialists to anyone who is looking for some guidance or motivation in their life.

I am currently in the middle of my degree studying a Bachelor of Health Science - Nutrition and am also a Type 1 diabetic and came with a fairly educated & healthy background but... i was looking for some extra motivation and empowerment. Over the period of 12 weeks in the personal empowerment program, i lost 10kgs, gained an even more amazing sense of wellbeing and joy and have continued personal training sessions with Todd. Their amazing support and guidance has been integral to my success'!

I don't think it matters what state of wellbeing you may be in - if you feel as though you need a huge helping hand or just some extra motivation, Todd & Michelle provide an amazing opportunity for you to get whatever it may be that you are looking for. The human body is an amazing thing, creating health every single moment in time. I am grateful for the guidance which they provided and continue to provide for me. Investing in your health is the greatest investment you can ever make. I read a quote recently that really resonated with me: "Those who do cannot find time for health and well-being, will soon have to find time for discomfort and illness". I wish you all the best and hope and am sure that you will find their programs as helpful and beneficial as i did." TIA

Business Hours

We're open 5 days.


9:30 am To 5:30 pm


9:30 am To 5:30 pm


9:30 am To 5:30 pm


9:30 am To 5:30 pm


9:30 am To 5:30 pm


  • Personal Trainer
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Arts In Psychology
  • Qualified Nutrigenomics Practitioner
  • Reiki Jin Kei Do Practitioner
  • Integrative Spiritual Alignment Practitioner
  • Accredited Wellness Coach
  • Metabolic Typing Practitioner
  • Nutritionists
  • Weight Loss Consultant

Professional Membership

  • Psychology Board of Australia

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