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IOLANTRAA Natural Therapies is a Newcastle based consultancy and training center specialising in Consultations and Workshops to those seeking to make a difference in their lives. Using Holistic Health Principles.

Dave Everett

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Hamilton, New South Wales

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Subconscious Joint pain Happiness Addiction Skin care Headaches

Some Of The Issues We can help you with, Stress Management Release, Pain Release. (Back, Neck, Shoulder, Muscle Ache), Sabotage Programmes, Emotional Trauma Release, Scar Tissue, Anxiety Attacks, Phobias and Fears, Depression, Cravings, Addictions, Relationship Issues, Sports Injuries, Sports Performance Enhancement, Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia, A.D.D., A.D.H.D., Behavior Problems, Allergies and Sensitivities, Infertility, Headaches, Migraines, P.M.T. and Menstrual Problems.

We also offer Feng Shui Consultations and Space Clearing for homes and business. Removing blocks and stuck energies thus bringing in harmony and balance.

Our range of Creams and Ointments for skin care are made from natural products.

Workshops & Courses

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What Iolantraa means;
    I Inventive and Creative
    O Opening the Heart
    L Limitless Potential
    A Ancient Knowledge
    N Nurturing the Soul
    T Talented and Skilled
    R Releasing Trauma
    A Abundance and Good Fortune
    A Acceptance of Destiny

What is Kinesiology?
(Kin – Easy – Ology)

Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring generally an arm muscle, to access the BIO – COMPUTOR of the body to obtain information about how it is working and performing and coping with everyday living. A person trained in Kinesiology can interpret the messages and apply the corrections needed.

Kinesiololgy: Muscle monitoring is much more accurate than most expensive machines that are sometimes used today. The body knows every thing about itself, and the priority steps to take. All bodily functions and movements are integrated. None work independently, so if a breakdown occurs in one part of the system, another part works harder at jobs it was not meant to do (designed to do) or is not suitable to do. This causes stress to the rest of the system. A stress situation then arises. Sometimes the body locks into the stress situation and this then becomes a “normal” part of life. The body is always in a state of self-survival. It compensates and survives with a multitude of structural, neurological and nutritional faults.

Kinesiology can determine and identify these faults and dysfunctions and correct them. Stresses occur at many levels; In the cells – cellular memory – glands – muscles and mind and emotions in the conscious and subconscious. Each and every moment of our lives is recorded in the body. Some of these moments are traumatic. The body stores emotions, illnesses, happiness, love and much more. Each and every cell has grey matter the same as the brain. The emotions of thousands of millions of moments are recorded. While most cause no problems, some do. Kinesiology can track these down and release them. A lot of people have no idea that these emotions have been affecting them.

All of these blocks can be identified and released in a painless and unobtrusive manner using Kinesiology Corrections.

Kinesiology: Muscle monitoring goes underneath the conscious and obvious symptoms to isolate THE CAUSAL FACTORS. i.e. Is your neck pain due to stress, or is stress causing the pain in your neck. When you identify the primary cause, the cure is easy.

STRESS: Some of the stress related illnesses are Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, and Cancer Etc. Stress has been a significant factor in all of these. Stress release and resolution of stress can go a long way to improving these conditions that impact so negatively on our lives. A great deal of present stress can be traced back to past unresolved stress That have not been dealt with.

During a consultation we can identify and correct a multitude of imbalances that could be linked or unlinked. The Causal factor can be isolated. The sum total of life’s experiences total up to where you are right now and most of the time it is not where you want to be. During the consultation we can find out WHY and change it.

The first thing we do is to check and correct Hydration / Dehydration if the body does not have enough water, or is not utilizing the water it can cause headaches, joint pain lightheadedness and much more.

Next we check and correct any allergies or sensitivities you may have. A true allergy is if you have spots, rashes runny eyes etc. Whereas you can be sensitive to other certain substances that can affect you internally that you may or may not know about. It might not necessarily be food. These can be identified and removed. We then check and correct any hormone imbalances.
Next we go to the jaw (T.M.J.). 85% of the population has a jaw imbalance. 85% of the messages from the brain go through the jaw. If the jaw is out of alignment even minutely, you could have neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, coordination problems all of those or non of those. The Jaw is very important to the functioning of the body.

We then go to past-unresolved emotional stress. Things that have happened to you in the past that are affecting you now. It does not have to be big issues. Generally it is something minor that has grown out of all proportion. The perception then becomes the reality. This then can develop into a sabotage programme and you could be sabotaging certain areas of your life knowingly or unknowingly. So when a lot of the time you say why are these things happening to me or not happening to me. The correct answer is you want them to. Of course you really do not want them to but that is what you have ordered your subconscious to do and that is what happens. All of these programmes can be identified and diffused.

So basically we can turn all of the problems, traumas and imbalances into SO WHAT, in other words we take away their power so that they no longer have any affect on you.

All of the above is carried out unobtrusively and with no pain..

About Dave Everett
Dave is a professional kinesiologist and has a large and successful clinic in Newcastle New South Wales. Australia. He has been a professional kinesiologist for over 16 years and is a registered and recognised Kinesiologist with the Australian Kinesiologist Association and the Kinergitics National Assosiation. He is a registered instructor in Kinergetects in all levels. He has taught all over Australia and In Singapore. He holds a Certificate IV in assessment and workplace training.

Dave has worked with people of all ages from four (4) months old to eighty five (85) years old. Dave works with Stress Management Release. Pain Release, Muscles and Muscle Problems, Sports Performance Enhancement, Sports Injuries, T.M.J. (Jaw ) imbalances, Allergies. Sabotage Programmes of the subconscious mind, Learning Difficulties, A.D.D., A.D.H.D., Dyslexia, Autism, Neck and Back Pain, and Dysfunctions in the mind body system, working with imbalances in the Chakra system, Organs, Glands and the Subconscious Mind.

Dave has written and devised several courses including Sporting Peformance Enhancement, Kinesiology Courses, Crystals and Crystal Healing, Deep Subconscious Mind Correction, Facial Reality (a face enhancement technique working with the 97 facial muscles) Eye Cee (an in depth eye improvement course) Anti Aging, Golf Improvement. Dave has taught these courses all over Australia and in Singapore.

Dave is a skillful and entertaining presenter, his courses/workshops are always fun and informative.

Dave is always studying and researching to improve and expand his knowledge and is always willing to pass on his knowledge.

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