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Traditional Therapies with Jane Deans

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Australia, South Australia and Adelaide

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Lyme disease Covid-related Wellbeing Face to face appointments Fatigue Menopause


BioOver 70 million treatments take place in Europe each year. A technique used by stimulating the body by putting a sterile saline solution (which is exactly the same as the bodies fluid composition) under the skin.

This stimulates deeper organ systems and injured tissue. Oral homeopathic medicines are given simultaneously which focus upon the organ tissue or an injured body part that is requiring treatment.

It is extremely safe and people are often surprised at the ease of the treatment.

The needles are fine, like acupuncture needles and are inserted into a self-loading device (inject-ease) or injections can be done free hand depending on what area is being treated. Saline is inserted just under the skin into acupuncture, specific muscle points and location of an injured site. This stimulates your bodys own healing capacity and the body is encouraged to start healing itself.

Scar Unblocking

This is where fine needles filled with a saline solution is injected into the scar. This helps anyone with an emotional attachment to a scar, helps to break up scar tissue and unblock meridians (refer to Biomesotherapy above).


Cupping is an ancient Chinese medicine practice. Pressure is reduced in the cup by suctioning out the air and then apply the cups onto the skin. This causes the skin to be drawn up and held in the cup. They can be put on acupuncture or trigger points to increase blood flow and oxygen to the area, therefore increasing healing and muscle or tissue release.

Ear Candling

Jane uses biosun earcandles as they have more than 20 years experience. Their quality and safety standard is extremely high and they are regularly tested by independent institutes. Treatment can be helpful for releasing and balancing pressure with blocked ears, sinus, forehead and nose. It also helps nervousness, stress, headaches and ear noise. In the presence of tympanostomy tube implants or perforated eardrums it is not recommended. They work by having a physical action by light suction (chimney effect). The flame movement creates a vibration of air in the Earcandle, generating a massage-like effect on the eardrum.

All conditions can benefit and be supported with Natural Health



  • Advanced Certificate In Therapeutic Massage
  • Advanced Certificate In Classical Massage
  • Advanced Diploma of Applied Science Naturopathy With Honours
  • Advanced Diploma of Applied Science Western Botanical Medicine
  • Award For Excellence In Western Herbal Medicine Clinical Practice
  • Awarded Certificate of High Achievement In Botanical Medicine
  • Award For Dedication To Studies From SA College of Natural and Traditional Medicine

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