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Joyful Life TCM/Acupuncture Clinic

Joy Hsueh

Servicing area: Kellyville, New South Wales

Joyful Life TCM/Acupuncture Clinic
Treatment efficacy can be enhanced and maximized by combined treatment of Acupuncture and Herbal medicine!

Joyful Life - Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, the aims are to help you to strengthen your defence and vital energy and eliminate the disease or evil energy that causes your illness. Chinese Herbalist will undertake a thorough consultation with you, to know your past medical history, family history, major complaints and symptoms. Herbalist will also feel your pulse and look at your tongue. By doing so, the herbalist will be able to determine your current condition and confirm the diagnosis about your illness, and then giving you the most appropriate treatment.

There are many forms of Herbal Medicines:

Herbal Tea/Decoction:

Formulated raw herbal package to be boiled up at home. Cooking approximately 30~90mins depending on the size and nature of formulation.

Herbal Pills/Capsules:

Patented herbal pills/capsules products prescribed by herbalist to suit different disease conditions. All products are manufactured by GMP qualified manufacturer and registered with Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia, ensuring highest quality and safety control, AUSTL numbers are printed on each packaging of products for patientís reference and research. Dosage altered according to herbalistís prescriptions.

Concentrated Herbal granule/Powder:

Concentrated Herbal granule/powder are produced from GMP qualified manufacturer and registered by TGA in Australia.

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