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Jude Daniel

Jude Daniel

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Do you feel you would like more ease and grace in your life? Book a session to experience deep shifts in releasing negative emotional patterns.   ** Get 2 consultations for the price of 1 when you mention NaturalTherapyPages at the time of booking **

Jude Daniel

Focus areas

Trauma Business Allergies Energy Higher dimensions Manifestation

Astrological Alignment where we work with your Astrological Chart, once again working with any blockages playing out in your life, which may have links to past lives.

Home Alignment - You and the occupants of your home have an energy relationship with your space which may have energy blockages due to Electro Magnetic Radiation, Geopathic stress or other factors.

Home, Business and Organisation Alignment all work with these relationships in a very positive way to bring about positive flow, pleasure and ease in moving forward.

The additional balances include Life Purpose, Life Map, Life Path and Manifestation – a real journey for you to explore in more depth your life, facilitating more grace and ease.

Life Alignment addresses all issues at a cellular level –

  • Problems with the structure of the body, including bones, muscles and joints.

  • Immune and Endocrine System problems.

  • Toxic overload – both physical and emotionally.

  • Allergies through the specific sensitivity and allergy balances.

  • Pain balancing to alleviate pain.

  • Understand and create protection from harmful radiation in our environment.

  • Identify the root cause and bring greater awareness of our relationship with our body.

  • Bring more balance by taking responsibility for creating change on every level of being.

  • Bring us into alignment with planetary energies and shifts.

You too can experience a deep shift on every level during your session

Physically you feel lighter, having quit some heavy blocking energy trapped at a cellular level.

Emotionally, you have greater awareness after releasing suppressed trauma, negative emotional patterns or beliefs allowing you to better manage these automatic responses in the future.

Mentally, you have more awareness of your sabotage patterns that keep you from realising your true and full potential.

 Spiritually you are able to shift into higher dimensions of consciousness, learn to work more closely with the planetary energies and become more aligned with your soul purpose.

You cannot come to know the depths of the purpose of your life if you are not willing to release all that no longer serves you……

For further information on the Vortex Cards and their unique application go to www.Life-alignment.com  

Vortex cards are available for purchase from Jude.

See me in person for a balance, or connect by Skype or phone.

Sessions 1 – 2 hours. Cost - $80 to $100

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