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JudithK Psychic

Judith has intensive experience and is an international psychic Clairvoyant reader.

Judith is a qualified counsellor and is able to assist an individual who is having difficulty coping 


JudithK Psychic

Welcome to JudithK Psychic

Phone and Skype sessions welcome.

Judith will often see people and events before they happen.

Being a medium Judith works with Spirit Guides and angels often receiving messages for loved ones.

Judith will often work with Tarot as the cards may help with insight for people at different times with messages mysteriously being read from the cards.

Numerology also come out in the cards telling you your lucky numbers.

Holistic, spiritual and professional counselling is a support Judith offers you.

JudithK B. Couns. DIP. Couns. MACA. MAIPC.

Judith will work with her spirit guides to coach you with encouragement through difficult times.

Learn the Australian Tarot Oracle enquire about the workshop.

Workshop for spiritual development. 

 Relationship issues                                                                      
 Stress and grief counselling
 Personal Development
 Motivational Development
 Everyday issues
 Children Counselling
 Business Direction
 Psychic Development
 Energy healing
 Meditation Guidance
 Re- gain direction in your life
 Coping Strategies
 Dream Interpretation
 Reads photos
 Spiritual Guidance
 Learning packages

All sessions are treated with the strictest of confidence.

About Judith

My psychic ability started when I was quite young. Often I would know what was going to happen before it actually happened.

As I grew older I was able to read faces and places, as well as feeling energy.

I have been given a wonderful gift to work with and I am truly grateful.

When I picked up my first pack of Tarot cards I found I was able to read them instantly.

I work with spirit guides and angels communicating with them to help people, often with messages coming through for the person I am with. My spirit guides work with me to comfort people who are experiencing difficult times.

We work on focus, and support, in coaching the person to re-gain direction on their life journey.

I also read photos and interpret dreams.

I am a professional counsellor working on a spiritual level.



Clairvoyance is seeing using the third eye and has often been referred to as that extra or spiritual vision. Seeing things that maybe others can't see.

Judith often sees places and faces sometimes events from the past and sometimes seeing an event before it actually happens. The extra vision Judith has been blessed with, has given her an incredible ability that has been valuable into being able to give insight to people by seeing and confirming events and situations. Judith can also teach you to develop spiritually.

Dream Interpretation

Dreaming has always fascinated people since life began.

Messages come in dreams, bringing more awareness in our lives', helping us to resolve issues. Quite often loved ones come through in dreams.

Dreams can be peaceful with angels spirit guides or loved ones visiting us. Dreams can also take us to places and often brings us new faces. Sometimes it is hard to remember what we dream with only parts of the dream being remembered.

In dream interpretation, Judith will ask you the details of your dream and how it has affected you.

Energy Healing

Heal the soul with positive thoughts and revive energy levels by reducing stress.

Energy healing is also called Chakra or faith healing. The session consists of you laying on a therapist bed and Judith will talk you through some relaxed deep breathing exercises allowing for your stress levels to calm.

The healing allows the mind to quiet blocking out any negative thoughts as you start to feel peace and tranquility.

Energy healing is an experience for everyone especially stressed situations, students, any one suffering from grief, a break in a relationship or any sort of decision making as it promotes clarity of mind.

Holistic Counselling

Holistic or spiritual counselling offers support, guidance and direction when you need it the most.

Holistic counselling is about discussion and feeling comfortable. Any area of discussion can take place from relationship issues, grief counselling to self development or stress. That choice is yours.

Judith will be available to assist and guide any individual through any challenges they may be faced with. These include life in general, relationship issues, low self esteem, personal issues, losses, as well as working on coping stratagies and a personal self development pro-gram. Judith's aim is to help a person to understand themselves and their situation. Coping stratagies may assist one to have clarity of mind effectivly assisting in a self development direction. 

Phone or Skype sessions by appointment only.


Numbers can be quite powerful and help with energy and decision-making.

Judith can talk to you about your numbers, many people have a number they already feel lucky with and Judith can give you other numbers that may be lucky for you.

Judith will give you your birth number and may be able to bring to your attention numbers in your life that have been with you for a long time without you realizing it.

Life Support

Often, throughout our lives we are faced with confusion or as it is may more positively be called, a 'crossroad'.

When you are at the crossroad a decision needs to be made. Judith has the ability to walk that road with you supporting and guiding, allowing you to make your own decisions, but having a confidential conversation that may help you to change your life to follow a positive direction.

These are The Australian Tarot Oracle by JudithK - CLICK HERE

The Australian Tarot Oracle Cards by JudithK are unique because they reflect the mystical energies of the Australian nature.

They are purely Australian made and printed. The beautiful boxed cards come with a booklet to explain the meaning of each card and the suggested spreads the seeker can use. The swagman shown on the front of the box is typical to the outback of Australia. He has a magical theme where he makes things happen. He is strong, a hard worker, and knows how to make money. The swagman is considered a good card to pull from the pack. He offeres the seeker encouragment to make good things happen. There are 76 coloured picture cards. The Australian Tarot Oracle has never been seen like this before. The cards promote a positive slant to the meaning of each card.

Each card is exquisitely gold gilded attracting the attention of a tarot collector. 

The cards are prices at $200 per set + handling and postage.

To order contact Judith on or mobile 0408 52 1115


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Qualification Details

B. Couns. DIP. Couns. MACA. Graduate member of AIPC.

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