Kaaren Guelfi Alchemist

Kaaren Guelfi

23A Salter Point pde
Salter Point WA 6152

Servicing area: Australia

Focus area: Hypnosis Reiki massage

- Discover Magic, Mystery, & Miracles in your life -

About Kaaren Guelfi

Kaaren is a gift sent to those of us residing here on Mother Earth. By providing a range of professional Reiki, Energy and Spiritual healing treatments, no matter what issue you're suffering from Kaaren can help you. A range of transformational bodywork and spirit doctor services are also on offer, perfect to get your mind, body and soul working to bring you towards heath and happiness.

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Services On Offer
  • Reiki / Energy healing
  • Forensic Healer
  • Holistic counsellor
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Earth Healing
  • Flower & Gem Essence Therapy
  • Sound Therapy
  • Crystal Bowl healing
  • Spirit Doctor Healing
  • Shamanic Healing / Sweatlodge / Vision Quests
  • Creating Sacred space / Space Clearing
  • Hypnotherapy treatments


About Me - Kaaren Guelifi

A true Master Healer, Alchemist, & Shaman, Kaaren offers healing, guidance and empowerment to her clients. Her alchemy moves mountains disguised as disease, personal unhappiness and life dissatisfaction.

Beginning her healing career as a registered nurse Kaaren soon embraced the more esoteric energies provided by the Universe. A vision while studying in Colorado, saw Kaaren and her husband Adrian return to Australia to create Mo-ee-Na, a powerful and sacred healing retreat.
Kaaren’s passion is to assist you in reaching your full potential, truth & purpose. Utilising a diploma in holistic counselling she weaves shamanism, healing and massage throughout her treatments. Incorporating Reiki, Sound Healing and Sacred Geometry. Clients are assured of a wide and varied range of therapies. Kaaren is guided intuitively – knowing what combination of modalities to use with each client.

Kaaren is a Dream Weaver. She has the ability to unravel the Veils of Illusion keeping you hidden, small, & in fear. By working with you to weave a new tapestry Kaaren supports you in birthing a new reality – a new you.

“My passion is to re-ignite the true you and assist you to reach your full potential. Be the person you are meant to be.”


“ It is an awakening. You come to realise the changes you desire & your untapped abilities are right there inside of you, ready to be brought out. Kaaren helps you set these desires & abilities free. Once you take this step there is no turning back, your life as you have known it, changes. ”
- Joanne W.A.

“ I had the pleasure of being an observer to a most powerful Skype session Kaaren conducted for a very good friend of mine. I watched a miracle happen before my eyes as my friend moved from intense pain & being unable to walk, to almost skipping down the stairs. ”
- Bev NZ

“ My experience with Kaaren has been life-altering, and quite possibly life-saving. I appreciated her dedication, and the loving, yet strong way she dealt with me during the session. Not only am I experiencing life again as a well person, but new doors are opening for the new me. If you are thinking about having a session with Kaaren then ring and make your appointment now. I cannot recommend her highly enough. ”
- Liz Auckland

For more information about any of the professional healing or hypnotherapy treatments that are on offer or to organise your next appointment, just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below to talk to Kaaren instantly

Qualification details

Reiki Master
Forensic Healer
Energy Healer
Holistic Counsellor
Registered Nurse
Workshop & Group Facilitator

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Kaaren Guelfi Alchemist