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Heal your physical, emotional and spiritual ailments the natural way, when you organise your next professional Healing treatment with Kaaren Guelfi. Phone & Skype services also available

Kaaren Guelfi - Healing Services

Which Of Our Healing Treatments Is Best For Your Needs?

Crystal Bowl/Sound Healing
In America, Kaaren was attuned to the Crystal Bowl, which is now an integral part of her healing sessions. The energy that is transmitted from the crystal healing bowl enables the conscious mind to relax in order for the individual to gain enlightenment and empowerment.

Forensic Healing
Kaaren has a Diploma in Forensic Healing. This is a very powerful & comprehensive Healing modality.

Forensic Healing is a systemic approach to go direct to a condition.
It assists clients to solve Physical, Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Issues.

Like Sherlock Holmes who solves crimes, Forensic Healing involves profiling peoples patterns, collecting evidence about conditions & applying Healing Pathways to bring clients into complete alignment & to assist them to move forward in their lives. The core problem in all conditions is damaged DNA. Identifying the cause of damaged DNA allows specific Healing Vibrations to be targeted for realigning & reconnecting the DNA. This leads the client to a new state of being – a Whole New World. By releasing the shackles of Fear, Restriction, Disempowerment, the client is guided to accept the life they were meant to live. Happy, Free & Empowered & with a zest to live life to the full.

I have received 2 distance Forensic Healing treatments from Kaaren & both have had phenomenal results. Kaaren was able to identify where my issues were originating from & resolve them very easily without revisiting old wounds.
The healings cleared my problems within a couple of days & so far they have not returned. Yay!
An amazing technique to successfully shift issues & with lasting results. Thank you Kaaren.

Sally Earl -Chiro
Kununnura W.A.

Spirit Doctor Healing
While in America, Kaaren connected with a team of Spirit Doctors. She now channels their healing energies to those on the physical plane through both her face-to-face, phone and Skype sessions. These sessions are suitable for people of all ages, including Children and the Elderly.

Sacred Geometry
This is a unique method of healing that has the ability to access, clear, repair and activate original 'coding' in the body. By allowing you to access information and healing abilities that may have lain dormant for many lifetime, you can learn how ot heal yourself - without the need for conventional medicines.

Sweat Lodge
Based on the Native American Indian ritual of purifying body, mind and spirit, we now offer a Sweat Lodge at our Treendale retreat. This experience allows deep core healing, while helping the individual to unleash fears, phobias, pain and separation issues that they might be suffering with.


For more information about any of the professional Healing treatments that are available or to organise your next appointment, just give Kaaren a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below to send her a message - instantly

Qualification details

Reiki Master
Forensic Healer
Energy Healer
Holistic Counsellor
Registered Nurse
Workshop & Group Facilitator

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