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Gail Ransby

Kahuna Training Guild Australia Inc

How are we, as a young Association, doing with securing Benefits for our Members?


Kahuna Training Guild Australia Inc

Servicing area

Marsden, Queensland

Focus areas

Kahuna massage Bodywork Conception First aid training Self-development

Members have...
  • Access to Therapists Combined Liability Insurance with OAMPS
  • Health Fund Rebates (Applications in progress)
  • Free listing on the Website Practitioner Directory
  • Membership Certificate
  • Quality Assurance for Clients
  • Access to Members Discussion Forum
  • Industry Advice & Support
  • Guild Events
  • Continued Learning Opportunities
  • Bridging Courses towards National Qualification
  • Travel funding to approved Guild events
  • Research funding
  • First Aid update reminders
There will be more...

Membership Categories

Each category attracts different membership benefits.
  • Associate Member
  • Student Member
  • Practicing Member
  • Full Member

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