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Kang's Rehabilitation Centre

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Established in 2003 Kang’s Rehabilitation Centre is a one-stop cure for aches, pains and physical ailments.

Our specialties are Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage, occupational therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, reflexology and herbals remedies.

Kang's Rehabilitation Centre


Specializing in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine since 2003 Frank Liu and the team at Kangs Rehabilitation Centre offer the best in traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, massage, acupunture, chiropractic, and occupational therapy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

For over 2,000 years Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to cure physical ailments including stress, migraines, muscle tension, pinched nerves, aches, pains and other conditions caused by imbalances in the body.

Through the use of massage, acupuncture, dietary herbs, and pressure point manipulation Traditional Chinese Medicine aims to synchronise the body’s functions causing health through harmony with the outside world.


The ancient practice of acupuncture uses thin needles to stimulate pressure points, rebalancing the body’s energy and relieving pain and stress.


Price List

Acupoint/Shiatsu/Thai Massage

Neck & Shoulders (30 minutes) $40
Head, Neck & Shoulders (30 minutes) $40
Neck, Shoulders & Back (40 minutes) $50
Upper Body (45 minutes) $60
Back & Legs (50 minutes) $65
Whole Body (60 minutes) $70
Whole Body with Feet(80 minutes) $90
AOK Ion Cleanse Foot Bath (30 minutes) $35
Foot Massage & AOK (60 minutes) $70

Remedial Massage

Neck & Shoulders (20 minutes) $30
Head, Neck & Shoulders (30 minutes) $45
Neck, Shoulders & Back (40 minutes) $55
Upper Body (45 minutes) $65
Back & Legs (50 munites) $70
Whole Body (60 minutes) $80
Whole Body with Feet (70 minutes) $90
Super Whole Body (90 minutes) $110
King Whole Body (120 minutes) $140
Acupoint Instant Relief (15 minutes) $20
Sports Injury Therapeutic Massage $80
Extension Meridian Therapy $145
Extra Charge
Hot Sone $15
Aromatherapy Essential Oil or Herbal Oil $5-$10

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Initial Consultation (around 20-30 minutes; including Pulse and Tongue reading & Diagnoses) $50
Standard Consultations (around 10-15 minutes) $30


Initial Acupuncture $120
Standard Acupuncture $80 – $95
Acupuncture Special $60
Acupuncture 6 Sessions Prepaid (value $540) $400
Dry Needling $45

Chiropractic or Occupational Therapy

Initial Consultation and Treatment $95
Subsequent Consultations and Treatments $80

Other Services

TCM Cupping $40
Ear Candling and Acupoint Treatment $40
TuiNa/Fascial Manipulation $45
Lymphatic Drainage $90

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