Karen Brown

Karen Brown

Liverpool NSW

Be at Peace with Karen Brown's Holistic Kinesiology. Restore Clarity to Your Consciousness.

Karen Brown

Everyone would like to live a balanced life. Would you like to…
  • Live in the present moment and stop dealing with anxiety?
  • Increase your energy and stop suffering from depression?
  • Have the freedom within your body to stop suffering from physical pain?
  • Feel stronger within yourself and stop being paralysed from fear?
  • Feel more at peace and stop experiencing stress?
If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, then kinesiology can assist and support you to get back on track in life.

Why I practice Kinesiology?

I am of the strong belief that Kinesiology can go deep into the core issue of the issue and restore clarity to your consciousness, thereby relieving an individual of both their physical and emotional pain. Within my Kinesiology sessions, I integrate my Yoga practice and knowledge along with flower essences, sound and colour therapy, and essential oils in helping my clients to understand and to diffuse their issues.

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