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KayCee Remedial Massage

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Helping you to good health

KayCee Remedial Massage

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Complementary Joy Circulation Inner power Lifestyle Nurturing

With my remedial and relaxation massage skills, I give you an opportunity to relax and enjoy the benefits of massage and stretching, to understand your body and restore your energy levels.

Experience wonderfully soothing Reiki treatment for your self-healing.

Learn how to breathe for good health through Chi Dynmaics with one to one tuition or as part of a group session.

Appointments essential.

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Monday to Thursday : 8am - 8pm

Saturday : 8am - 1pm

Chi Kung (Qigong) & “Chi Dynamics”

Breathing for health, healing, well being and harmony in your life!

What is Chi Kung?

Chi Kung (most often spelt Qigong) is the ancient Chinese art of developing, accumulating, circulating and balancing Chi (the internal energy or life force that flows through the energy meridians in the body) for the purpose of health, self-healing and well being.

The term “Chi Kung” translates as “Chi” being the vital life energy within us and “Kung” meaning practice or work. In other words Chi Kung is Energy Work or Energy Practice.

“Qigong is a holistic system of self-healing exercise and meditation, an ancient, evolving practice that includes healing posture, movement, self-massage, breathing techniques and meditation” (Cohen 1997 p.4)

There are hundreds of forms of Chi Kung practiced throughout the world, suited for every age and physical condition and practice can be standing, seated or lying down often in daily surroundings.

What is Chi Dynamics?

Chi Dynamics is the "Art of the Five Essentials" practised by thousands in Singapore ,Malaysia , Thailand , Indonesia and UK.

After a lifetime spent studying and excelling in martial arts disciplines in S.E.Asia, Grandmaster Anthony Wee turned his full attention to the healing power of Chi Kung and developed “Chi Dynamics “a holistic system of Chi Kung training with breathing, exercise and meditation techniques that benefit overall health and well being. Grandmaster Anthony Wee introduced Chi Dynamics teaching into Australia and in 1988 started the “Healing Chi Association” in West Australia with links to other Chi Dynamics training schools in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and London.

In his book “The Flow and the Power of Chi Dynamics” (2003), Grandmaster Anthony Wee describes how Chi Dynamics draws from three schools of training:
  • Northern Shaolin Inner Power Chi Kung which forms the basis of the breathing system
  • Southern Shaolin Wu Mei Nei Kung to generate the Inner Power of Chi.
  • Chi Kung Self-Healing Meditation methods which develop the electro-magnetic flow of the body.

The Five Essentials of Chi Dynamics
  • Five Breathing Methods: Fu, Chui,Tu,Pi,Xi
  • Five Internal Organs: Lungs, Heart, Liver and spleen, Digestive system, Kidneys
  • Five Elements of Vital Energy: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth
  • Five Types of Chi Flow: Blood, Heat, Electro-Magnetic, Chemical, Vibratory
  • Five Basic Fundamentals of release of tension: Stillness & Calm, Humility, Inner Contentment & Peace, Intent Concentration & Dedication.
Even at a basic level, practicing the Chi Dynamics diaphragmatic breathing techniques can result in higher oxygen uptake to improve blood circulation and enhance muscle tone. The five breathing techniques can also stimulate and heal the inner organs. Developing the Mind-Body connection can balance the Chi throughout the body, store Chi in the main energy centre and relax the nervous system to allow release of tension in the muscles. Chi Dynamics practice can benefit the body’s auto-immune system and endocrine system as well as muscle tone, energy levels and general well-being of the body.
When practiced regularly over a long term, Chi Dynamics may assist with conditions such as chronic pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, hypertension, stress, cholesterol, asthma and other respiratory disorders as well as arthritis and diabetes. Obviously the individual’s lifestyle choices and habits will impact on the extent to which the body can benefit from Chi Dynamics practice.

Chi Dynamics may also provide a complementary therapy option for people undergoing radical medical treatment and severe medical conditions especially in terms of pain management; however Grandmaster Anthony Wee never recommends this as a replacement for conventional medical treatments but rather an additional self-healing method and always following discussion with a doctor or medical practitioner.

For further information on beginners and intermediate classes and workshops in Chi Dynamics, contact Kathy Christoffelsz on 0405 045 866 or 'Make an Enquiry' below!


At the time I started Chi I was suffering from anxiety problems that were affecting my breathing and overall well-being. I also had just quit smoking and was scared of the damage that was caused to my lungs from that disgusting addiction. I was doing no exercise and felt extremely unhealthy.
It was my good fate that Chi was to come my way.

Since joining classes I have progressed greatly. No more anxiety problems and I feel like my lung capacity has greatly improved. I practice every day to keep my mind, soul and body fresh with new breath and energy.

Now that I’m feeling healthy and fit, I’ve started tennis and jogging, incorporating the breathing techniques into these activities so that I can fully enjoy myself 100%.

I will never stop doing Chi. It is now an integral part of my lifestyle.

Mark (Age 28)

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