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Kerry Dalwood

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Kid Psykology Australia

Help for parents, help for kids.

Kid Psykology Australia


It can be a nervewracking time for parents dealing with the challenges of raising children, especially when difficult situations and issues arise... I know, as I’m a parent who has survived babyhood, the primary school years and teenage challenges ... along with my children!

Finding a professional whom you can trust to work with your child, not take on the role of a disciplinarian, but empathise with them instead so that they feel comfortable, is often a hurdle for parents.

A parent’s perception of the issue also needs to be heard as they can provide valuable information that can inform the nature of the treatment, and be a part of the counselling program.

I am also a registered practitioner of Cell Salt Therapy and a member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists. Cell salt therapy can help children with a number of health and emotional concerns, such as anxiety, stress, depression and hyperactivity. Cell Salt Therapies link illness and health problems to cell salts that comprise a cell. The 12 mineral Cell Salts have a vital effect on the condition of the body.

We provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Family Separations

  • Counselling

  • Theraplay and Play Therapy

  • Learning and School Difficulties

  • IQ Testing

  • Behavioural and Emotional Testing

  • Cell Salt Therapy

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