Kinesiology and Natural Health Care

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South Golden Beach NSW 2483

Servicing area: Northern Rivers, Byron Bay New South Wales

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Anna combines her medical background & spiritual healing abilities into a unique healing art. She coaches people on ways to improve postural and physical fitness, nutritional health, emotional balance and spiritual awakening.

Kinesiology and Natural Health Care

Anna offers her extensive 45 years clinical experience and encounter with many treatment modalities to help people access their innate potential for self-preservation and self-healing. Originally trained and practising as a medical specialist in musculo-skeletal medicine she researched indicator muscle testing to be used as a tool in clinical medicine to access a person's status of health and renewal.

Her aim is to create sustainable, carefree health from the clients own inner resources. The sessions focus on eliminating disturbances in a persons life energy, which are related to the health problems or block the person's healing energy.

"The Phenomenon of Indicator Muscle Change"

- an investigation into the neurophysiological parameters of indicator muscle testing and it's validity in clinical practice.

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Qualification details

Anna holds an MD in medical epidemiology from the University of Heidelberg/Germany and a PhD in Health Science from Southern Cross University/Lismore.

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Kinesiology and Natural Health Care