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Kundala Energetics combines knowledge and techniques created from both ancient and contemporary therapeutic healing practices.

Using the therapists refined intuitive skill, energetic pathways and fields of the mind and emotional subtle-bodys are navigated, opened and cleared. The Kundala method brings forward knowledge of disharmony which is discussed and understood in the session.

The Energetic flow is strenghtened and transitioned into an 'opening cycle' which is a healing state.

Kundala™ Energetic Medicine Open to Health

Kundala™ is a dynamic ‘subtle body’ therapy which treats the ailment at the fundamental level. Kundala™ can be very effective in relieving many conditions, be they emotional or physical. Treatments can be most useful when combined with conventional medicine. Kundala™ has been demonstrated as an effective complementary medicine for improved healing and faster recovery where clients have had pre and post operative treatments.

Jo has been practicing energetic therapy for over 30 years. She has spent years studying and practicing various energetic and meditative therapeutic techniques in methods from Hindu, Shavite, Taoist, Judaic and Christian philosophy. Jo has spent many years immersed in meditative practice and study with many teachers cultivating experiential expanded awareness. With the understanding of the systems of the ‘Light-body’ matrix and ‘Sephirot’ pathways, Jo uncovers the fundamental foundations for disharmony of the mind and body of which the Spirit is always aware.

From this extensive personal experience, she has developed Kundala™ as an energetics therapy which unites understanding of mind, emotion and spirit as a unified system of the subtle body. Many of Jo’s clients are therapists themselves. She is known as ‘the therapist that other therapists go to’.

Jo now practices at ‘Soul Tree House’, a beautiful garden of Eden on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

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Master Energetics Therapist Adv Dip Counselling in Therapeutic Arts.

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