Kylie Seaton Naturopath

Suite 8.05 Level 8
2-14 Kings Cross Rd
Potts Point NSW 2011

Servicing area: Potts Point

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Clinical Naturopathy is the practice of naturopathy in a clinical environment where patient centred care is paramount.


Clinical Naturopathy addresses patient health concerns with herbal medicine, clinical nutrition (diet and supplementation), homeopathy and counseling. Each patient’s unique emotional, biological, genetic, social and spiritual tendencies are considered in the practice of Clinical Naturopathy.

Treatment Approach
In practice, Kylie endeavours to provide the highest quality treatment are care to her patients. She works with the most up to date clinical information and within current best practice guidelines. Patient centred care is at the core of her clinical approach. This means that the highest quality, most clinically effective and cost effective care is provided to the patient.

Is Naturopathy Safe?
Recently, science has enabled us to document the safety and efficacy of many herbs and supplements. This information adds to a rich history of empirical use of these medicines. In clinical practice, Kylie uses the highest quality medicines available. These medicines are either backed by thousands of years worth of empirical data or recent evidence based research, or a healthy combination of both. Kylie prescribes within the scope of naturopathic practice and any medicines or supplements prescribed are safe for use with conventional medicine.

General Naturopathic Practice
General Naturopathy can be used to treat a wide range of health conditions. Digestive disturbances, menstrual and hormonal problems, skin problems, poor immunity and nervous system issues like headaches, insomnia, depression, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, vertigo and tinnitus all respond well to naturopathic treatments.

Particular Areas of Interest
As well as practicing General Naturopathy, Kylie has particular interests in adrenal exhaustion and burnout, poor immunity (run down and always sick), chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and insomnia. Kylie also offers intelligent, evidence based complementary support for patients undergoing conventional HIV and Cancer therapy.

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Kylie Seaton Naturopath