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Leisha Du Bois

Leisha Du Bois

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Serene Connection - Massage

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Inner healing Pain relief Nurturing Facial Hydration Love

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Tranquil Connection Signature Massage

This treatment is specified to your individual desires and requirements.

It is a blend of the accompanying modalities: Aromatherapy, Balinese, Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Myo-fascia Release, PNF, Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage.

Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage

Your adventure starts with warmed coconut oil being sprinkled onto the body. Next, warmed volcanic stones that have been smoothed by nature over many years discharge their healing energies deep into the muscles, removing any pressure and tension. This is a sensory massage that is designed to bring together the body, mind and spirit.

Usui Reiki

An ancient healing system where Universal Life Energy (or "Chi" or "Ki" in Japanese, "Prana" in Sanskrit) is utilised to rinse your body, mind, emotions and spirit whilst supporting your own inner healing capacity. By opening the chakras and related endocrine glands Reiki begins a procedure of dissolving any energy blockages that are found in the cell memory of your physical body. Reiki has been used to address issues, for example, pain alleviation, stress, exhaustion, dpression and concealed emotions.

Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage is quite new to Australia, whilst overseas it is used regularly in hospitals and clinics.Oncology Massage is for individuals living with Cancer or recuperating from chronic illness. Scientific studies demonstrate that oncology massage can alleviate pain, exhaustion, tension, depression and nausea. 

Pregnancy Massage

Mums-to-be, this is for you as your body works over time supporting your beloved child. Specialised Education through Pregnancy Massage Australia, our goal is to bolster both mother and child through the numerous physical and emotional changes that happen through every trimester.

About Me

I am delighted to introduce myself to you. My name is Leisha DuBois and I am a self-employed massage & skin therapist with 15 years experience in the industry. Serene Connection has moved to new premises in The Gap. I look forward to taking care of your wellbeing needs and beauty essentials. "Take time to be a human being, not a human doing..."

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