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LGN Fitness

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LGN Fitness

LGN Fitness: Look Good Naked

LGN is an innovative inspirational health & fitness group which empowers the individual to be the best they can be.

Through encouragement, education and direction you will reach and exceed your personal health & fitness goals.

As accredited fitness professionals, LGN staff provides clients with an exceptional opportunity for continuous personal improvement

Look Good Naked


For individuals we create customised fitness programs to fit into what ever time schedule you have. We ensure the program we design is specific to your body limitations; age, weight, height and obviously any health issues you may have, in order to maximise your potential gain and sustained overall health

For groups we train in convenient locations to ensure you are never too far away from your next appointment. Training in groups can greatly increase the individuals drive and passion in leading a healthy lifestyle. LGN provides this vital opportunity to groups, allowing them to train with like minded people.

For businesses we offer the core principle of any businesses' success; team building. LGN helps businesses strengthen their office environment by developing the group dynamics around health & fitness. Our business programs are ideal for busy city workers who need to use their negative energy more constructively. We put the built up office frustrations to good use.

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