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Lida Zannier is a Master Energy Healer, Intuitive Counsellor and Life Coach.She is often referred to as a Transformation Coach and Catalyst, as so many of her clients experience quantum leaps in consciousness through her facilitation process.

About Lida Zannier

Servicing area

Brisbane South,Coorparoo and global via Skype,Phone fluent English,French,Italian spoken

Focus areas

Reconnection Complementary Stress Management Nervous system Mantra Transformational therapy

Over the last thirty years she has inspired many people around the world through her breakthrough methods for living free from fear and emotional sabotage. She uses an integrative approach in her person centred therapy work and believes that issues are an opportunity for growth and an expansion of consciousness.

Lida provides a professional environment for people seeking assistance with:
  • Depression and Mood Disturbances
  • Anxiety, Stress
  • Coping with challenging life transitions
  • Self- esteem, self- confidence concerns
  • Eating and body image disorders
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Self-Development and Spiritual Growth
  • Reconnecting to the Self

All modalities are designed to empower, clarify and reconnect to authentic living.

“The healing process has little to do with outside forces. I believe that each person, each body, has its own healing power.I simply help you recover the resources you already have. Energy healing goes way beyond therapy, reconnecting you to your Essence. True healing is then possible.”

Once you understand the root cause of your issue, we can discuss directions towards a more functional, healthy and fulfilling way of living.

  • Clarify your life purpose, goals and objectives
  • Break through anxiety, fear or resentment.
  • Create the life you yearn to live.

Resolve : relationship issues, physical health problems, emotional challenges, work and career issues, grief and trauma, limiting belief patterns, self-sabotage, eating and body image disorders, stress management, depression and mood disorders, coping with life transitions, self-esteem issues.


I heard about Lida through word of mouth. I’m from WA so we conducted skype sessions online. I was 10 years into a complex mental disorder which you could best diagnose as PTSD and OCD. I had read all sorts of books and visited many professionals over that time period so I had no expectations for success.

Lida introduced to me to new topics and tools to help sharpen my discipline and be able to regain my own composure in stressful situations. I began doing things in my life that I had long since known that I should be doing but never had any motivation to get around to. Her guided healing processes always leave me feeling refreshed and re-energised. I’m about 12 sessions in now and I’ve made huge improvements in my mental clarity. I have been given a second wind to take my life to the next level.

- Kane, 2015

Lida had the ability to discern the issues that were keeping me stuck. In every session she skilfully guided me to find my own answers. After each session my life moved forward as I was able to instantly apply strategies learnt and experienced within the session. Although I had consulted other therapists in the past I had never experienced such an accelerated change before. After just ten Skype sessions with her I feel strong and self-confident, my life has changed for the better and I feel able to take on new challenges both professional and personal.

- Linda, 2014

“When I phoned Lida,I was dealing with issues of procrastination, lack of effective communication, not speaking my truth, low self- esteem. What I gained, is her incredible knowledge & the helpful methods she shared with me. She challenged & guided me gently. My life is quickly, moving forward for the best through the blocks!!!!

I highly recommend Lida!! If you want positive change!! She’s your gal!

Thank you Lida !!

- Wendy, 2014

I experienced Energy Therapy over a number of sessions with Lida Zannier. She is a born healer. I found Lida very helpful and positive, deeply insightful and practical. She is able to sense what is going on in your body on a physical and energetic level, and knows exactly what you need. I had an amazing experience with Lida and would highly recommend her services.

- Vera, 2016

« I am passionate about treating the root cause of my client’s concerns and aim to share their journey towards self-empowerment and freedom » - Lida Zannier

Appointments available in person and also via phone and skype for worldwide clients.  Please get in contact today at to arrange your appointment.
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$120 Per hour

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