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Do you sometimes feel that you are at odds with yourself, no matter how hard you try, you just don't feel like you are making a success of what you do? You probably need a Soul Realignment. A Soul Realignment will allow you to step into your intuitive abilities and spiritual potential, helping you move forward in a motivated and abundant way.

Soul Realignment

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What are your Divine gifts?

Who are you at Soul Level?

Have you had experiences in other lives that are inhibiting your success in this life?

Do you feel like something is holding you back but you can never quite put your finger on it?

A Soul Realignment may be just what you need. 

When you understand your Divine Soul Blueprint, the essential things that makes you tick and make choices that are in positive alignment with this blueprint, you will start to live your life from your authentic self, and life will start to feel easier, more successful and abundant.   A Soul Realignment can provide you with information that helps to change your perspective and assist you with positive change.  You will understand who you are at a soul level and as you align with who you are, your ability to manifest success and abundance will become easier and easier. An abundance of health, physical vitality, money, fulfilment and love will feel well within your reach.

A Soul Realignment also looks at choices we have made in the past that may be limiting out ability to create and be abundant.  When we make a negative choice this takes us out of our alignment with our Blueprint and life may start feeling hard.  

To understand what is a positive choice versus what is a negative choice for us as an individual, we need to now our own Divine Soul Blueprint.  This allows us to then bring positivity into our human experience and be responsible for what we have, where we want to be and how we get there.

Come and find your spiritual potential and step into who you are meant to be in body, mind and soul.  A Soul Realignment is an hour session, however, the preparation takes approximately 1.5 hours.




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Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy Online
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Is life not headed where you want? Are you feeling anxious or stressed or not achieving as you should? Hypnotherapy can help increase your feelings of self-worth, self-love and decrease your anxiety and stress levels.

Counselling and Emotional Freedom Technique

Counselling Counselling Online
$150 Per hour

Do you have an issue that you would like to talk through or are you looking for some help with anxiety or stress? Counselling sessions give you the opportunity to express yourself and find answers to your problems. EFT (tapping) can also be used to decre

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  • Certificate In Counselling
  • Clinical Diploma of Hypnotherapy
  • Bachelor In Education and Training
  • Certificate In Soul Based Therapy
  • Soul Realignment® Certification
  • Certificate In Nursing

Professional Membership

  • The Tarot Guild of Australia Inc.
  • ASCH - The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

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