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Take time out for a nurturing and empowering session of either - Ajna Tibetan Healing, Aura Cleanse & Chakra Balance, Reiki, Crystal Healing or a Healy Scan & Frequencies, .

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Mernda, Doreen, Wollert

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Addiction Wellbeing Anxiety Depression Emotional wellbeing Mindset

Ajna Tibetan Healing

Ajna Tibetan Healing is a dynamic form of energy healing.

If you are - 

  • In physical pain - the pain will disappear
  • Out of balance - you will feel rejuvinated
  • Addicted - the addiction will begin to lose it's hold
  • Emotionally upset - you will start forgiving   
  • Stressed - you will drift into a deep state of conscious sleep

Working with your polarities, your left and right side of your brain are balanced, enabling clarity, awareness and renewed focus. Your energetic channels (meridians) open up, discharging blocked energy and allowing the life force to flow through, restoring your energy & health. Your energetic body (aura) and energy centres (chakras) are balanced and re-energised, which leaves you feeling focused, relaxed and ready to take on life.

Aura Cleanse & Chakra Balance

Did you realize that your aura becomes ill, two weeks before you do? (Prior to the disease hitting your physical body).

By cleansing the 7 layers of your aura and clearing, adjusting and empowering your chakras, you can keep up your wellbeing; mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically.

This treatment started by yogis in India, cleanses your 7 energy bodies by uprooting any negative vitality that you have gathered or created. The following step is an antiquated Tibetan chakra clearing procedure which cleans your chakras, permitting the energy to flow freely. Your chakras are then re-empowered, balanced in harmony.


Reiki is a gentle type of energy healing that is conducted while the client is fully clothed and involves ‘the laying on of hands’ above or on a variety of body parts. Reiki stimulates your internal healing processes and removes any blocks in energy which may possibly cause disease. On a far deeper level, Reiki is effectively able to directly target and heal the disease itself, as opposed to focusing on the symptoms. Thus highlighting the reasons behind for your pain and disease. Clients have described Reiki as a radiant sensation that flows in and around your body.

Crystal Healing

Crystal therapy is an ancient method of vibrational healing which includes "laying on of stones" onto the body (completely dressed) to encourage healing. Different crystals are used for different conditions, like how a range of herbs are used for a range of illnesses.

Every sort of crystal has its own particular healing properties, vibrating at particular frequencies. Like Flower Essences, the vibration of the crystal impacts your own particular vibration, changing your negative vibration to that of a positive healthy one.

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Say Goodbye to Depression

$500 Per course

It can be difficult when you are down, feel so bad and can’t get out of bed, can’t stop crying and don’t want to see anyone or want anyone to see you. I know, coz I have been there. If all you can see is darkness and you don’t believe that there is ligh


1hr 30min
Energy Healing Reiki Spiritual Healing
$150 Per session

Enjoy the relaxing, gentle healing energy of a reiki session to restore your wellbeing and vitality


  • Certificate In Flower Essence Therapy (1997)
  • Certificate In Guiding Meditation (2007)
  • Certified Reiki Master Teacher (2001)
  • Certified Ajna Tibetan Healing Practitioner (2005)

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