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Womens Health, Gut & Digestion Issues, Fertility & IVF Support, Fatigue & Auto Immune conditions, Stress, Anxiety & Cognition support, Skincare, Rosacea, Pigmentation treaments, Medik8 Stockist, Healite Therapy. 

Mansfield Naturopath - Lisa Bennett

Servicing area

Mansfield & surrounding areas. In Mansfield clinic and Australia-wide via phone, facetime, messenger or Skype. Also in Mernda 3754 once a fortnight

Focus areas

Energy Health issues Digestive health Vitality Gut Health Fatty liver (NAFLD)


Highly experinced naturopath- Lisa is has a Degree qualified naturopath of 16 years, a registered critrical care nurse currently completing a post graduate in cosmetic nursing & injectables.

With a passion for a better quality of healthcare, Lisa has 32 years of working in health to offer you an innovative approach to your healthcare.

Having completed a post graduate certificate in Nutritional & Environmental Medicine , Lisa has also become a fully acredited Integrative Natural Medicine practitioner.

Understanding that most people respond more effectively to a combination of treatment options, Lisa combines all of her knowledge to provide you with an exceptional level and quality of care.

With more than a total of 32 years experience in healthcare, Lisa's comprehensive assessments are unique in approach; ensuring YOU, a renewed sense of vitality and wellbeing.

As a staunch advocate of Naturopathy, and to ensure you get the most recent evidence based treatment, Lisa regularly attends both complementary & traditional medical conferences.

Lisa specialises in:

  • Womens health & Hormone imbalances
  • Digestive health issues
  • Fatigue and Energy concenrns
  • Auto immune Conditions
  • Fertility & IVF Support
  • Thyroid health
  • ( Hypothyroidsim/Hyperthyroidism, Hashimotos)
  • Stress & Anxiety Support
  • Anti Ageing Skincare- Medik8 Stockist
  • Healite therapy - for skin rejuvination, wound healing, post burns, post surgery and injury

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What to expect in a consultation

Your Initial consultation is a thorough health review and is quite different to any other medical consultation you may have had. This may take about an hour to one & 1/2 hours, however subsequent consultations will only take 30 - 40 minutes.

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Appointments available

Lisa practises out of her brand new clinic room in Mansfield every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and also has the option of a phone consultation.

Please call Lisa on 0411 713 323 to make a time that's right for you



by Lisa Bennett

Natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy
Friday, 15 October 2010

AT different times of our lives we need extra support to keep us feeling good. From an extra glass of water to hydrate, another serving of greens to keep us regular, or a sleep-in on the weekend to top up the many hours lost after a busy week, we make different choices every day. But what choices do we make when it comes to our hormonal health?

Doctors often prescribe what is commonly known as hormone replacement therapy for any apparent hormonal imbalance.

But after being flooded with pages of drug information listing all the pros and cons of HRT, often we simply want to cut out the confusion and have a natural alternative to help us on our way.

Thankfully, there are many dietary and lifestyle changes you can make, as well as an abundance of herbs and nutrients that can be safely taken to ease your hormonal transition.

A natural approach to HRT incorporates a balanced view to diet and lifestyle combined with nutritional and herbal supplements.

Natural therapies may be an effective option for many women wanting to avoid the possible side-effects and risks associated with conventional treatments for common hormonal symptoms.

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  • Certificate In Critical Care Nursing
  • Certificate In General Nursing
  • Certificate In Anti-Ageing
  • Bachelor Of Health Science In Naturopathy
  • Certificate In Dermatology
  • Certificate In Dermoscopy

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