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Lotus Shiatsu
Member since
Jul 2005

Lotus Oriental Therapies (Deep Tissue Massage )

Contact Name Neil Pitt
Phone 08-8369 1011
Mobile 0414 569 746
Address 14 Riley St
Holden Hill SA 5088
Servicing Areas South Australia
Fax 08-8369 1011

Lotus Shiatsu

Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure” which is applied along the energy meridian lines of the body and on specific acupuncture points. Sickness and discomfort occur when the meridians and associated points become either deficient or in excess of natural energy or “Chi”(Ki in Japanese).

With Shiatsu treatment I will help your body to heal itself by unlocking the limitless potential of your own Chi and I will also give you lifestyle and dietary advice all linked together with the actual physical treatment. Shiatsu also involves deep tissue muscle and ligament work along with stretching so in the end you get the benefits of both energy work and deep tissue massage.

Shiatsu is an ancient answer to a modern , stressful world and is great for not only acute conditions but also long term, chronic problems that have not responded to other treatment.s

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Lotus Shiatsu