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Louise Dennison

Louise Dennison

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Louise Dennison

Focus areas

Self awareness Sinus Digestive disorders Stress management Well-being Complementary


Zentai Technique

ZENTAI is an old Japanese word meaning complete - 'all-covering'

The Zentai technique is a fusion of five age old modalities: zen shiatsu, acupressure, massage with a herbal cream and reflexology. It is a complete therapeutic yet pampering treatment.

The treatment is applied to the hands and feet as this is the most practical, accessible and effective. The hands and feet are also the body’s interface to the rest of the world. Our physical connection to the world is almost entirely through our hands and feet. Not only do they allow access to the rest of the body through the reflexology points, but also every Meridian either starts or ends on the hands and feet. Access through these points, combined with Zen Shiatsu and massage, using a specially formulated cream with essential oils, therefore allows us to stimulate and restore full function to the controlling energy flows of the body, and through them, restoration of full function on all levels of the person’s being in one single, all encompassing technique.

The benefits of Zentai technique:
  • Enhances the functioning of body, mind and soul
  • Stimulates the body's innate ability to heal itself on all levels
  • Treats the body holistically
  • Can be used during pregnancy, childhood, adolescence, adult years, golden years and during times of illness.

Some commonly addressed conditions include: sinusitis, asthma, allergies, viruses, infections, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue, headaches, reproductive disorders, endocrine imbalances, stress and emotional issues.

Most clients' arrive with a particular health concern which is noted and addressed. As the body is balanced and brought back into a position to heal itself, it often prioritises the healing process. This means that all healing is achieved by the client with the practitioner acting as a support for the duration of the healing journey. Zentai technique, with its fusion of modalities, recognises this healing energy and the important role the client plays in the journey.

Bach Flower Remedies

"Health depends on being in harmony with our souls" Dr Edward Bach

BACH FLOWER REMEDIES take effect by treating the individual, not the disease or the symptoms of the disease. They work specifically on the emotional condition of the person concerned.

Although there are thousands of variations in physical illness the psychological causes are relatively few. The Bach Remedies recognise 38 conditions each specifically aligned to one of the states that generate 'dis-ease' within the psyche. Each category covers a range of mental and emotional states and can be divided as follows:
  • Fear
  • Uncertainty
  • Insufficient interest in present circumstances
  • Apathy
  • Loneliness
  • Those Over-sensitive to influences and ideas
  • Despondency and Despair
  • Overcare for the wellfare of others

The effect of taking the remedies is not to suppress negative attitudes but to transform them into positive ones, stimulating our own potential for healing ourselves and freeing the physical body to engage fully in fighting disease and stress.

As a therapist I have found that when clients come to see me, whether it is for some physical ailment, or an emotionally related problem, stress is always a factor. Stress can affect people in all different ways, but essentially stress can only happen when the situation you find yourself in does not match your belief system regarding it.

For example - you are driving your car and suddenly another car cuts in front of you....STRESS. You manifest this stress in your own way, anger or fear or frustration. So the situation is the car cutting in and you respond based on your belief system. The two don't match, so therefore stress results.

Not all situations affect people in the same way, so we cannot blame a situation for causing stress, merely our reaction to that situation based on our belief system.

Our belief system is made up of the sum total of all input received from pre-birth up until this point in our lives, whether it is experiential, learned or has been imposed upon us. If any of this input is negative or distorted in any way, then our belief system will have these negativities and distortions. This means that everytime we have to access that distorted part of the belief system we are going to come up with a decision that is not functional for us and it is going to cause stress. You can only do what you believe is right and appropriate at any given time. This explains why some parts of our lives work and other areas don't.

Our belief system is totally dynamic, it is changing all the time relative to the input we are receiving. This means that if we can change that part of our belief system that is negative or distorted, we will no longer be making decisions based on this distorted information and can now respond to life from our own true perspective.

To do this, I put my clients through a stress profile anaylsis which pinpoints those negative or distorted parts of their belief system relative to the seven fundamental emotional states identified by Dr Edward Bach. We can then create a unique formula of flower essenses specific to each person, as no two people are alike.


NATURAL HEALING is the art and science of assisting the restoration of health at all levels of a person's being, irrespective of where ill health has manifested.

The healer acts as a catalyst, a transformer, conducting external, beneficial energy or life force into the client by the laying on of hands, or the hands held slightly away from the body, working on the energy field. This animates the vital force within, which stimulates the body to heal itself on all levels, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, as it was designed to do.

We are not just a physical body, we have an Energetic body too which is not normally visible to ordinary sight. This Energetic body consist of a collection of subtle energy fields that surround and interpenetrate the physical. These subtle fields extend beyond the physical and create a force field of energy and luminous colours, commonly known as The Human Aura. These fields are encapsulated in an Auric Sheath.

The Endocrine glands are the hormone producing glands in the physical body and are therefore the controlling glands of the physical, emotional and psychological parts. These powerful glands give off their own set of energies and are the connection point for the subtle bodies to the physical. The Endocrine system represents the major chakras within our body which provide the physical with vital hormones for survival, development and growth. Where large lines of life force energy meet and cross, a major chakra is formed, and where smaller streams of energy meet and cross, a minor chakra is formed.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'. A chakra is thus a spinning wheel or vortex of energy. There are seven major chakras in the body and each one predominates in a different colour.(the colours of the rainbow). They form a straight line up the centre of the body and relate to the endocrine gland closest to it. It is the function of each chakra to absorb the energy frequency it predominates in, to transform it and then to transmit this energy into the physical body via the blood stream. Chakras vitalise and energise and are the main vehicles for the physical body's interaction with the universal energy field.

The Seven Major Chakras
  • 1st chakra - position: base of spine, colour: red, endocrine gland: testes(male) ovaries(female) purpose: basic life force energies - survival
  • 2nd chakra - position: sacral(below the naval), colour: orange, endocrine gland: adrenals, purpose: sexual energy,generative and regenerative centre
  • 3rd chakra - position: solar plexus, colour: yellow, endocrine gland: pancreas, purpose: self esteem, ego, power, conditional love
  • 4th chakra - position: heart, colour: green, endocrine gland: thymus, purpose: unconditional love, compassion
  • 5th chakra - position: throat, colour: blue, endocrine gland: thyroid, purpose: self expression, communication
  • 6th chakra - position: brow, colour: indigo, endocrine gland: pituitary, purpose: intuition, intelligence, psychic ability
  • 7th chakra - position: crown, colour: purple/gold/white, endocrine gland: pineal, purpose: connection with the divine

There is an intimate relationship between the Human Aura or Energy Body and the Physical Body. What affects one affects the other, so if the Energy Body is healthy, the Physical Body will be healthy too. It is therefore extremely important to keep the Energy Body healthy.

Healing may be given for any illness, stress or injury as a therapy which has no side effects and is complementary to any other form of treatment. Healing balances physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually so one does not have to be sick to receive a healing. It is a wonderful way to keep our amazing body balanced.


The Zentai Course is broken up into two modules and each module runs over 6 days - 1 day a week for 6 weeks.

The first module includes all the theory, zen shiatsu and the acupressure points.

The second module includes the massage and reflexology and how to complete a Zentai treatment.

Once you have completed the 2 modules you are then required to complete 5 case studies of 10 treatments each, as well as 50 additional treatments. This is so that you gain knowledge and experience before you qualify as a Zentai Therapist.

In addition you are required to have a valid first aid certificate, and basic counselling skills.

Zentai is acredited by the IICT

This workshop is especially designed to teach us techniques that will enhance and empower our lives. It is an experiential workshop and all techniques will be taught in the alpha state of consciousness.

This workshop takes place over two Saturday or Sunday mornings.

I would love you to join me for this transformational workshop.

"Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start now and make a new ending" - Carl Bard

About Louise

About Me:
From a young age I have been interested in health, healing and wellbeing. My mother taught me about the importance of nutrition and as a young girl I remember hearing about reflexology at school and being blown away by it! After leaving school I completed a Higher Diploma in Food and Nutrition, with my research project being ‘The relationship of dietary habits to the development of stomach cancer’. In 1997, I completed a Certificate of Reflexology, beginning the journey that would eventually lead me to co-create the Zentai technique with a colleague, Jan de Vries in South Africa. By 2004, we had developed our unique technique based on the understanding that its combination of five different modalities (zen shiatsu, acupressure, massage, essential oils and reflexology) was a more complete treatment than any one modality on its own. Once I realised that reflexology could be rendered more powerful by incorporating essential oils into the process, I set about creating a specially formulated crème. Immediately, both my clients and I noticed the therapeutic enhancement of the Zentai technique, as well as its lovely pampering effect. In 2005, we taught our first class to train other practitioners and Zentai was born.

As a practitioner and teacher of Zentai, I bring a unique blend of personal qualities to my approach. Being highly intuitive, I provide individualised care that is tailored to each person. Using my insight and tools like (Bach flower questionnaire), I am able to hone in with focused precision on the underlying issues affecting clients and how this is affecting your health. The Zentai technique enables me to provide non-judgemental, practical information that nurtures and supports your own innate healing with gentleness and compassion. I create a warm, confidential space that is based upon respect, honesty and sensitivity to your needs.

My Mission Statement:
As a therapist, I am committed to walk the healing journey with my clients and to educate them on how healing takes place in the body on an energetic level through Zentai. My aim is to reawaken our body’s innate healing ability and bring it into balance to function optimally on all levels – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. To facilitate this process, I can also incorporate Bach flowers and energetic healing (chakra balancing and aura cleansing) to complement my practise.
As a teacher of the Zentai technique, I believe it is important that my students have fun whilst learning so that they gain the most out of the experience. My long-term goal is to establish a network of Zentai practitioners both here in Australia and in other places around the world, so that many more people can experience the unique healing benefits of this gentle yet powerful process.

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