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Kinesiology is a system of natural health care which is a non-invasive, painless and fast acting method of healing developed by chiropractors incorporating the great wisdom of Chinese medicine. Integrating the principles of modern health science with alternative and traditional medicines, kinesiology looks at the body as an equilateral triangle of health: Emotional/Mental, Structural/Physical and Nutritional Chemical.

Transformation from Within - Kinesiology

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Self-esteem Sinus Hypnotherapist Shoulder pain Frozen shoulder Headaches

If any side of the triangle is out of balance, it affects each of the other sides and an imbalance occurs. Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to uncover the imbalance and then balances the causes behind the issues and associated systems.

Kinesiology can be performed on people of all ages from inside the womb to old age. It can be beneficial for a wide variety of conditions and the many challenges we face in everyday life.

Kinesiology can assist with the following issues:
  • Allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Bed wetting
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Clenching teeth during the night
  • Digestion problems
  • Frozen shoulders
  • Learning difficulties
  • Headaches, migraines and sinus problem
  • Hearing problems
  • Neck, Hip and shoulder pain (stiffness, pins and needles)
  • Pain the lower back and pelvis area
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Sports performance
  • Stomach aches
  • Restore muscular-skeletal balance
  • Tinnitus problems

How does Kinesiology work?

A fundamental premise of Kinesiology is that the body has innate healing energy and is at all times doing its best to care for itself however, sometimes it needs to be helped into a better position to achieve this care. There are flows of energy within the body that relate not only to the muscles but to every tissue and organ that go to make the body a living, feeling being. These energy flows can be evaluated by testing the function of the muscles, which in turn reflect the body’s overall state of structural, chemical, or emotional balance.

Kinesiology looks beyond the symptoms and taps into energies that more conventional modalities overlook. It does not treat named diseases nor does it diagnose them and is primarily concerned with imbalances in the body’s energy utilising the acupuncture concept of energy flow.

Kinesiology is not limited to dealing with ailments. Energy balancing brings a person closer to achieving any goal of their choice ~ in sport, relationships, learning or coping with life in general.

What is Muscle Monitoring?

Muscle monitoring is the test of the integrity of the muscle rather than a test of the actual strength of a muscle. The Muscle monitoring technique accesses to the bodies nervous system looking for any areas of stress which are indicated by a weakened muscle.

Neural Organisational Technique (NOT)

Neural Organisation Technique is a specialised branch of Kinesiology which works through the central nervous system to restore structural, bio-chemical and emotional balance. This discipline works with neurological priority systems. It uses acupressure, reactive muscle monitoring and co-ordinated respiration to address areas of concern.

Our neural organisation is what enables us to survive and function in every possible situation. It is self-healing, self-regulating and self-perpetuating but it can be thrown off balance by physical or emotional trauma or poor diet. To minimise damage and protect the body, there are 3 primal defence systems which the body employs when threatened in any way. The reactive muscle system of survival is designed to hold the skull and spine together and, literally, keep the head on the body when struck or injured, physically or emotionally. The dural defence system, in conjunction with the TMJ complex, acts to provide a protective cushion for the brain and the fascial defence systems causes a contraction of the skin and spine, forcing blood towards the muscles. All of the above in turn can result in a compromise of the internal systems of digestion, circulation, endocrine as well as immune responses as a person literally becomes locked into fight-or-flight.

Sabotage Clearing

Sabotage programs are the judgements we have made from our earliest years which have been caught up in the subconscious. These judgements often run contrary to our conscious desires and more or less govern our life. They act powerfully while hidden but fade away like mist once revealed. Sabotage Clearing uses the power of muscle testing to identify these programs so they can be released and cleared.

What happens during a kinesiology balance?

A kinesiology treatment is called a balance. After an initial intake of the person’s history, goals and circumstances, the treatment begins. The person undergoes a series of gentle muscle tests primarily to release stress out of the nervous system to improve neurological communication and function. Once a stable neurological platform is achieved, the balance is then targeted at releasing stress in relation to the person’s needs.

In a Kinesiology session a variety of balancing and correction techniques can be used that work directly with the physical, emotional, energetic and neurological systems of the body. These include acupressure holding points, chakra pulsing, flower/shell essences, reflex point stimulation and many more. They are all very gentle, very powerful and non-invasive techniques that produce stable, lasting results.

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