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Ka Huna Bodywork is a style that was developed in Hawaii by Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, the Kahuna who developed this style of bodywork in the 80s. 

Melanie Jane Hughes - Ka Huna Bodywork

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Ka Huna Bodywork

Your body is a sacred temple and Ka Huna Bodywork uses ancient principles that instruct and enables you to experience it as such. Ka Huna Bodywork is a modality that has the capacity to bring forth an awareness (as either facilitator or recipient) to widen your understanding. It is a gateway that allows you to stretch the conceptual boundaries of your mind, body, and soul.

Through the alignment of breath, body movement, intention, and heartbeat, the Master skills achieved through connection with self in virtue of humbleness, respect, sensitivity, posture, is to say ‘yes’ to everything life offers. When you indulge in a Ka Huna Bodywork session you begin to learn and practice being in alignment and to express and have gratitude for what feels unpleasant, wholesome, or traumatic. This brings the continuity of being clear, present, and knowing all is Divine and perfect with you in your life and so it is.

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Melanie Jane Hughes - Embellish Your Life

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