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Psychosomatic Therapy

With the tools that Psychosomatic Therapy provide in the process of Mind-Body analysis, it has the capacity to provide you with awareness recognising and highlighting the intrinsic power that you possess and your unrestricted potential. You are thus able to develop and create the life that you have always wished for. Your body will tell you the story of who you are.

Emotional Release Bodywork

This modality of the psychosomatic therapeutic aspect in facilitating the release of trapped energy held within the cells in your body. The issues in the tissues which are often the cause of beliefs, conditioning, and behavioural patterns that are created through what our mind experiences, which most often is through trauma. The memory of trauma becomes trapped within the cells of our body.

Body Mind Analysis

The Body Mind Analysis is an exercise throughout which the therapist will take note of and observe the condition of the client’s body. It includes a detailed step by step analysis and study of all aspects of the body including; the balance of female-male energy, posture, breathing patterns, the mechanical structure of the body, along with muscle and skin tone etc. Melanie is able to provide you with suggestions about different methods of dealing with the imbalances in your body to restore Mind-Body Harmony.

Sacred Soul Art

Melanie facilitates integrative workshops available to those who are looking to learn the art of meditation to bring that together with the expression of art which is also a form of expansion and meditation. The aim of the workshops is to help you in developing your creative style, by nurturing your own creative self-centre. Melanie facilitates these processes by enabling you to freely play but also offers her experience and knowledge on techniques such that you have the ability to develop your intuitively guided specific style and pieces of art.

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Melanie Jane Hughes - Embellish Your Life

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