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Weight Loss management programs!

Weight Loss




The program involves a very low calorie diet (VLCD) in conjunction with taking a natural homeopathic weight loss remedy. This allows the body to stimulate the release of excess fat cells instead of storing fat, boost metabolism and decrease muscle mass loss. The program targets the release of abnormal fat stores from areas such as hips, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. It is is suitable for people of all ages, both men and women.


  • Optimal fat loss and body shaping
  • 21 day weight loss program
  • May lose between 6-10kgs
  • Quick and easy to follow with phenomenal results
  • Lose excess stubborn fat rapidly and keep it off
  • Target problem areas
  • No hunger, no cravings
  • Improve muscle tone as you lose weight
  • One on one naturopathic support
  • 23 day maintenance phase


PHASE 1 - Loading days (2 days) - drops and support products.
PHASE 2 - Very Low Calorie Diet (21 days) - 500 Calories - Limited food intake in conjunction with drops and support products.
PHASE 3 - Maintenance (23 days) - Your metabolism gets reset at your new weight.

PROGRAM INCLUDES (pay as you go):

  • One on one naturopathic support from Naturopath Linda Cotone
  • Initial Consultation and or Follow up Consultation
  • Body assessment analysis : measures fat mass, muscle mass, biological age, cellular toxicity, cellular vitality, and hydration levels) - optional
  • Dr Simeons 'Pounds & Inches Manual'
  • Body Shaping Protocol Manual
  • Support products

Frequently asked questions

Q. Who is the program suitable for ?
Program is safe for both men and women, over the age of 17 as long as there are no contraindications.
Q.Is the program safe, are there any contraindications to the program?
The Body Shaping Program is not recommended for the following conditions:
  • During pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Children under the age of 17 year
  • History of an eating disorders
  • Type 1 Diabetes or medicated Type 2 on Insulin medication
  • Active Malignancy
  • Unstable Angina
  • Liver and Renal failure
  • Graves Disease
  • During Cancer Treatment
If you are currently on medication or have a medical condition it’s best to consult with your Medical Practitioner before commencing the program. Contact the clinic if you are not sure.
Q. Can I exercise during the program?
Aerobic and strenuous exercise is to be avoided during the weight loss phase (Phase 2) of the program. High aerobic activity interferes with weight loss and stimulates appetite and food intake. Recommended activities during the weight loss phase include:
  • Light weight resistance training – avoid over training
  • Walking for 30 minutes per day
  • Yoga and stretching
Q. Can I take supplements while on the program?
You need to stop all supplements while on the weight loss phase of the program except for Vit D, the support products provided and any supplements that aid weight loss and constipation. You can resume all other supplements once you start maintenance.
DO NOT stop taking any prescribed medication.
Q. Will I put all my weight back on once I go back to normal eating?
No. If you follow the wellness or maintenance plan after you have lost your weight you will continue to maintain your weight.

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The Ultra Lite Weight Loss program is a low carbohydrate diet. You will be eating fruits and vegetables as your source of carbohydrate, and normal to moderate amounts of protein from food such as eggs, chicken, meat, fish, cheese, tofu, etc.

The program consists of three meals a day which you prepare yourself. You are supplied with special sachets which you need to take in between your meals 4 times a day. These sachets will suppress your appetite, detoxify your system, prevent sugar cravings, maintain muscle mass, and provide all your required nutrients.

Ultra Lite a ketogenic diet. This means that your body burns fat as energy instead of carbohydrates and this is know as ketosis. This means you will burn fat, not feel hungry, have increased energy and feel really good because you are burning fat for energy.

You would expect to lose between 1-3 kilos in the first week, depending on your current weight, and then you could expect to lose between 1-2 kilos per week subsequently.

The program is sold as a package which includes the initial consultation, follow up consultations, a manual, sachets, potassium supplement ( Habit relief ), ketostix ( to measure fat burning ) and a VLA test before and after which measures fat mass, muscle mass, biological age, hydration levels and cellular energy.

The following packages are available:

  • 3 weeks (lose up to 5 kg)
  • 5 weeks (lose up to 10kg)
  • 10 weeks ( lose 15kg plus )

Weekly payment options are also available
If you have extras private health insurance, you are able to claim the consultation part of the program.
Once you have achieved your goal weight there is a follow up lifestyle maintenance program also available to ensure weight loss is permanent.

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The Shake IT Professional Weight Management Program involves:

  • 2 healthy low carb meals per day ( A protein with vegetables )

  • 1 Shake It meal replacement ( either a shake or soup or a ketobar )

  • 2 low carb protein snacks

  • Includes healthy oils in your diet

  • Measure your fat burning twice a day

  • Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water per day

  • Build cardio exercise to 40 mins, 4 times a week

  • Regular one on one consultation with Linda

  • You are provided with a patient booklet and recipe book that give you all the required dietary recommendations and recipes.

  • Shake It assists you to lose 2 kg of fat per week and preserves muscle mass.

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