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Patricia Corbett

Shop 12 Griffith Co-op
130/140 Banna ave
Griffith NSW 2680

Servicing area: Griffith & Leeton NSW

Focus area: Telehealth
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Patricia’s caring and compassionate nature will lead you out of distress and into a happier life.

Counsellor & Hypnotherapist

About MIA and Patricia Corbett

Life is not always easy, but having someone by your side and seeing you through every difficult situation does make a big difference. Consider MIA Personal Counselling in Griffith NSW as that someone who's more than ready to guide you to a better life.

We provide a safe, friendly and nurturing environment, and put so much value in trust and confidentiality. Our founder and principal counsellor, Patricia Corbett, provides counselling services for big corporations, small businesses, individuals and families.

Bringing her extensive experience in the areas of family and personal counselling, mediation and hypnotherapy, Patricia provides different levels of counselling and case management plans to address each of her clients' needs. As a qualified hypnotherapist, she is also well-versed in understanding and shifting people’s thoughts and feelings. 

She is a longtime member of the Australian Counselling Association  who is highly trusted for her unquestionable ability to keep matters concerning her clients confidential.

As an expert family and relationship counsellor, Patricia’s breadth of knowledge in handling grief and loss is exceptional. She is also an accredited mediator with the Australian Commercial Dispute  Centre, who has resolved numerous conflicts that are both personal and professional in nature.

As a registered counsellor with Carers NSW, she lovingly supports caregivers and guides them in taking proper care of themselves amidst the pressure that comes with their jobs.

Patricia also offers her clients in the business sector the Employee Assist Program (EAP), which helps boost the morale and productivity of employees. 

During her sessions, Patricia employs hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, which allow her to decipher the inner workings of a person's thoughts and feelings and assist them in making positive changes in their lives.


"As a sufferer of depression I am very fortunate to have been referred to Patricia 3 years ago and she has been very supportive to me through my darkest days.

"Pat is a genuine, kind, caring person who has equipped me with the skills to be able to tackle the ups and downs in life. I believe that there is no substitute for having an unbiased and trustworthy ear of a specialist who is committed to you as an individual and to working with you to help you feel better.

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pat to anyone who needs help to manage life’s large or small challenges. Pat is compassionate, non-judgmental and very, very skilled."
- Name withheld for confidentiality purposes

"I would like to express my experience with MIA Personal Counselling. I first attended counselling in early 2014. At the time I was lacking in self-confidence and did not have any vision of my future. I also suffered a phobia and was very scared to leave my home alone.

"Patricia has guided me through a journey of acceptance and reframed my past life experiences so that they do not affect me as they used to. She has taught me to plan for the future but enjoy the present. This has been through hypnotherapy and general counselling.

"I am now leading a more productive life and I am more self-confident and happy. I have let go of past insecurities and I would recommend Patricia as a caring, compassionate person who treated me with respect and empathy. Sincerely, G.C."
- Name withheld for privacy reasons, June 2015

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Qualification details

Diploma Professional Counselling
Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapies
ACA Level 2
Mediator, Australian Commercial Disputes Centre
Member, Australian Counselling Association (ACA)
MIA Personal Counselling