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Sonya Lee Consulting, Holistic Naturopath

Sonya Lee

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Sonya Lee Consulting, Holistic Naturopath

Holistic Naturopath

Specializing in chronic recurring conditions!

 Anxiety, Bad Habits (including Smoking),

I help people with lingering problems and fears, behaviours, phobias and emotional connections to physical problems, who have had enough of the limitations and stress these feelings and behaviours are having on their daily living and decision making. 

These problems may be the result of recent events and life changes or have been occuring for many years.

Initial consultations: Involve two consultations made one week apart.

How many consults does it take?

This is highly individual, in general my clients require 2 to 6 appointments to achieve thier personal needs.

Sonya Lee Holistic Naturopath



There are many fears or stories behind the feeling of anxiety that are unique to each person. Often these triggers have become unconscious, leaving the client with a feeling of having no control to their body responses. In this situation, the calming techniques I use helps establish a calming experience, while this begins the healing experience of self-control to come back into existence, we can also go further, gradually transforming other underlying limiting beliefs or experiences.

During our initial consultation it can become clear what the underlying thinking and feelings are linked to (or who), or particular events. In a calming and relaxed experience, these beliefs and experiences can be transformed in how they are experienced and brought into a fruition that is emotionally freeing, and uplifting.


Taking years to recover and pick yourself up from the seperations of a relationship, can be devastating to many areas of a persons life. Recovery from years of court can also add to this trauma. As a simple outline there are 3 points of relationship therapy

Re-connection: Here I have helped people at points of separation, come to peace with a point of conflict with in themselves so they can continue with their relationship (as this is what they truly desired and came for), This can be a personal knowing that if you can’t let go or move on from a resentful feeling, that your relationship is and will continue to suffer.

Early Separation: This can bring a confusion of self- doubt and the shake-up of existing “life pictures” into the unknown. The rise of personal confusions, blames and doubts can making it hard to move forward with ease and clarity , during this flood of changes and challenges for all parties involved. This can happen in any type of personal relationships, including business relationships.

Post Separation: Often this involves the recovery from anger, resentments, court trauma and strain. This is about coming into balance with what has occurred. My clients at this point, gain great clarity and energy by using hypnosis and deep mind/body therapies to get through ongoing conflicts, helping them to get clearer and faster outcomes.

Mind/Body Connections:

The frequency of many dis-ease states in the body, will link to and be anchored with frequency of thinking and responses to life events, culture and beliefs. When it is clear to my clients that they are in the “cause” of the symptoms in their life, we will also look at transforming the underlying thinking, feeling, and sense of ‘self’ that needs growth and updated freeing truth.

It is not often possible to bring an experience into its full emotional and knowing fruition, at the time of the event. Sometimes this is related to age, limited time, and shock. The outcome remains the same, we experience the event to a point of emotion that is a heavy emotion…and here it stays, locked in our body and senses at this point of feeling or vibration….until the day we revisit it bring a higher and freeing feeling and knowing to it.

We are full of data and experiences that we have absorbed along the way, the ones we have wrapped heavy feelings and stories around get heavier and heavier, these can be statements of truth or “fact” that we took on as a youngster or older. Statements we took on about ourselves that bring sadness or heaviness, feel limiting. The passing of loved ones. Moments of feeling trapped, helpless or powerless, remain. However, body contractions can occur, as we outgrow and are taking actions that stretch us beyond a conscious or subconscious limiting idea.

Body/mind therapy and hypnotherapy is a great tool to use when you know you are getting in your own way.

Sonya Lee 

Experience what is possible


My Journey with Sonya has & still is amazing.
I feel I have been able to connect with my inner self, giving me an understanding of how each of us can loose ourselves through life's challenges.
To be learning to feel confident love & warmth like I am feeling now.
I just wish I had found Sonya years ago. Chris Hasselmann, 2016

WOW! I feel really good and confident that my claustrophobia has been addressed. I've carried this with me since I was 16 yrs old, I FINALLY addressed this, and I am now 68yrs old. My advice to anyone is DONT WAIT any longer, it does work. Elizabeth, 2016

Thank You Sonya!!

I had a wonderful sleep. I'm feeling really well. Thanks so much for your insight. I thought I had a ball of anger and bitterness in my Liver which was causing me distress and shame!!

Knowing now that it is all my walled off joy and love makes so much sense. It is so liberating. Thank you soooo much Sonya. My sessions with you have been lifechanging!!

You are an amazing woman! I'm so blessed to know you.

.I've been to many healers but I've never felt a shift like this, ever!

Lots of love to you.
D.J. 2017

Several years ago in Adelaide,I encountered anxiety, uncertainty and extreme physical and psychic pain for the first time. It was with Sonyas guidance, insight, infinite kindness and actual healing, I recovered life force itself, when this was slipping away, and received miraculous healing with Sonya.I am forever grateful and humbled by the experience with her. Much love from Deidre.

The Most ‘In-Touch’ Practitioner I have ever been to.” Dean Mortimer, Strathalbyn.

“Sonya helped with different ailments and pains with amazing results. An amazing experience with wonderful rewarding results.” Wendy Foweraker, Woodside.

Qualification Details

Diploma of Naturopathy, 1998
Certificate in The BodyTalk System 1 & 2
SASHA - 15 year Certificate:
SA Spiritual Healers Association
Meditation Teacher
Group Workshops: Personal Growth and Transformation
Active practitioner of the body links to frequency of thought-emotion- spiritualilty

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