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Mind Mend Hypnotherapy & Rapid Transformational Therapy

Lynette Hughes

Perth WA 6000

Servicing area: Perth and West Leederville WA

Mind Mend Hypnotherapy & Rapid Transformational Therapy

Unlock – Rewire - Be Extraordinary

Rapid Transformational Therapy Perth

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid therapy that offers unparalleled results; combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies. Developed by the highly acclaimed Marisa Peer who has fine-tuned this method over 35 years.

This is a gentle, relaxing technique, where the client and therapist work together uncovering the meaning and interpretation of events and then together change them. This leads to permanent, powerful results. The client is at all times aware of the process and will find the therapeutic, sacred space that is created, encourages dialogue and communication, which is truly significant and healing.

RTT will deliver dynamic change in 1 – 2 sessions (some clients and some issues may require further session.) This unique technique truly empowers clients, it offers individual personalised therapy tailored to their specific issue.*

Understanding is power and people go to therapy to understand, in order to be free. The rapid nature of RTT means you don't have to continue to be weighed down whilst you're waiting to understand why you do, don’t do or feel the things you do. Your sub conscious mind holds the information you need to understand and this technique ensures you find it quickly and easily.

If Hypnotherapy hasn’t worked for you in the past, don’t be deterred. If you are ready to let go and change, so you can be extraordinary, RTT can help you!

You deserve to feel free and be extraordinary!

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.

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